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Prepared by : Dr. Purvi Bhagat From : Guidelines of Gujarat Medical Council – Continuing Medical Education in the State of Gujarat.

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1 Prepared by : Dr. Purvi Bhagat From : Guidelines of Gujarat Medical Council – Continuing Medical Education in the State of Gujarat

2 The Gujarat Medical Council ( GMC ) started implementation of accreditation programmes in the State of Gujarat from 1 st January 2012.

3 Preamble Medical Science is dynamic & there is no end of learning for a doctor. This is in essence the basic concept of Continuing Medical Education ( CME ). Imparting new knowledge & skills to the professional and helping them transfer these to their patients is possible only through CME.

4 Requirement A Physician should participate in professional meetings as part of Continuing Medical Education Programmes & should earn 30 hours per year OR 150 hours every 5 years.

5 Organizations / Activities to be accredited for CME The CMEs should be organized by reputed professional academic bodies or any other authorized organizations. Only the programmes organised / sponsored / funded by the following organisations / institutions are approved by the GMC for accreditation :

6 1. International, National, State conf. / scientific programmes organised by professional bodies. 2. Programmes conducted by Govt. & Private Medical Colleges. 3. Programmes conducted by Hospitals having accreditation. 4. Any other organization approved by GMC.

7 The body will have to apply to the GMC for credit hrs., atleast 25 days in advance, on a designed application form, accompanied by the complete programme of the C.M.E./ Conference, names, designation & CV of speakers, subject of speech & duration of the talks. Accredited bodies like I.M.A./ professional bodies which hold regular CMEs have to inform the GMC, the date & time of the CME at least 15 days in advance. Guidelines for CME Accreditation

8 Accreditation / Credit hours awarded will be at the sole discretion of the GMC. It will depend upon subject matter, status of the speakers, quality of the papers to be presented. Ordinarily the duration of the CME should be more than 2 hrs.

9 Associations/ Organizations should strictly issue the certificate to the delegate who has attended the CME. The certificates should be distributed only on the last day after completion of CME / Conference / Workshop.

10 Associations/ Organizations will be duty bound to send the feedback of the delegates & the list of delegates who attended the C.M.E./Conference. GMC may depute one representative to attend the CME as Observer who will be given Certificate of Attendance.

11 After the programme, a short report of the programme + exact time schedule of the speeches + a list of the participants with their GMC registration numbers & signatures + a specimen copy of the certificate issued should reach the Registrar, GMC within 10 days. The Organizing Secretary will be responsible for the authenticity of all data which will be counter checked at the time of renewal of registration.

12 In case it is found by the council that the certificate or any of the data is false, then the accreditation certificate will be cancelled & the organisation will be debarred for future accreditation. Members registered with GMC & > 60 yrs age will be exempted from obtaining necessary credit hrs.

13 Guidelines for credit hours Duration of programme Minimum Credit hours granted 2 hrs1 Half day2 One day4 Two days8 Three days 12

14 Drs. attending International CMEs/conferences can claim credit hours on production of certificates of attendance on the same pattern as for National CMEs/ conferences. Medical teachers -- 4 credit hrs/ year on production of certificate from their head of institution that they are involved in UG/PG teaching & PG research work. Students doing PG courses of any type from a recognised institution -- 4 credit hrs / yr for the duration of the course.

15 Speakers/ chairpersons/ co-chairpersons -- 1 credit hr per talk + credit hours allotted for that CME. Subscription of indexed national / international journal -- 5 credit hrs / year / journal, subject to a maximum of 10 hrs / yr.

16 Oral paper presentation in International conf. -- 3 credit hrs Oral paper presentation in National conf. -- 2 credit hrs. Drs. in Govt. / Private sector undergoing refresher courses can earn credits for the same.

17 Publication Credit Hours Author / Editor of Published Medical Text Book 16 Author of Chapter Published in Medical Text Book4 Original article in International indexed journal12 Case report in 6 Letter to editor 3 Original article in National indexed journal8 Case report in 4 Letter to editor 2 Original article in State indexed journal4 Case report in 2 Letter to editor 1

18 CME which will not be accredited Organized by drug/equipment company for their promotion. Organized by individual nursing homes / hospitals / persons for marketing purpose. Organized for self promotion / advertisement.


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