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Reference: TEA’s Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.

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1 Reference: TEA’s Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

2  Requirements › Mandatory by the Texas Education Agency › FEC Local Policy  Elementary 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM (for PK-PM) › Elementary take attendance by homeroom  Entry Student Attendance › Using online system-Teacher Access Center › Backup system - paper copy class roster

3  Teacher’s log in account › Individual user account and password › User accounts can not be shared › System timeout due to inactivity (new) › Change passwords (180 days) › Access system using Harlingen CISD’s Teacher Access Center web page

4  Documentation – Reports › Student Detail Reports › Campus Summary Reports › District Summary Reports  Additional Reports - Reconciliation of Teacher's Roster Information and Attendance Accounting Records › 1 st and 4 th six week reporting periods

5  Additional Audit Documentation › Grade books › Campus daily absence reports › Campus attendance slip › Board Approved activities › Health Care Professional Appointments › Additional items as listed on the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

6  Why is this important? › Students receive quality education › We need to follow the rules › Account for student funding › Be prepared for audits › School Report Card › Awards and Recognitions

7  Audits › Texas Education Agency audit › External Auditor › District Audit

8  First Day Attendance › Log into the system prior the first day › Identify ‘No Show’ students › Establish enrollment counts › Clean up class rosters › No absences on the first day of school

9 o Resources o – Texas Education Agency website o - HCISD’s Research & Evaluation o - HCISD’s Teacher Access Center o - Campus Office Staff Questions and Answers Thank you

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