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Student Attendance – Elementary Campus

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1 Student Attendance – Elementary Campus
Research & Evaluation Department Presented by Olga Garcia, Coordinator of PEIMS/Application Support Reference: TEA’s Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

2 Student Attendance Requirements Entry Student Attendance
Mandatory by the Texas Education Agency FEC Local Policy Elementary 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM (for PK-PM) Elementary take attendance by homeroom Entry Student Attendance Using online system-Teacher Access Center Backup system - paper copy class roster

3 Student Attendance Teacher’s log in account
Individual user account and password User accounts can not be shared System timeout due to inactivity (new) Change passwords (180 days) Access system using Harlingen CISD’s Teacher Access Center web page

4 Student Attendance Documentation – Reports
Student Detail Reports Campus Summary Reports District Summary Reports Additional Reports - Reconciliation of Teacher's Roster Information and Attendance Accounting Records 2.3.4 1st and 4th six week reporting periods

5 Student Attendance Additional Audit Documentation Grade books
Campus daily absence reports Campus attendance slip Board Approved activities Health Care Professional Appointments Additional items as listed on the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook

6 Student Attendance Why is this important?
Students receive quality education We need to follow the rules Account for student funding Be prepared for audits School Report Card Awards and Recognitions

7 Student Attendance Audits Texas Education Agency audit
External Auditor District Audit

8 Student Attendance First Day Attendance
Log into the system prior the first day Identify ‘No Show’ students Establish enrollment counts Clean up class rosters No absences on the first day of school

9 Student Attendance Resources Questions and Answers Thank you
– Texas Education Agency website - HCISD’s Research & Evaluation - HCISD’s Teacher Access Center - Campus Office Staff Questions and Answers Thank you

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