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Dipl. Ing. Lubomir Bak Project manager Spirit a.s.

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1 Dipl. Ing. Lubomir Bak Project manager Spirit a.s.
AlViS Introduction Dipl. Ing. Lubomir Bak Project manager Spirit a.s.

2 Spirit a.s. Softwarehouse in Bratislava, Slovakia 11 years history
Highly qualified experienced developers (university degree) Various projects (national, international) Car industry (VW, suppliers chain,…) Transportation (railway terminal IS) Air pollution monitoring (various UN,EU and national projects) Custom solutions, consulting services Focus on Development Training Support (web, , phone, on site support)

3 AlViS (Alarm Visualization System)
A general purpose tool for easy development of complex graphical monitoring and control applications.

4 Technical requirements
IBM PC AT 512 MB RAM VGA – 32-bit color depth 1 USB/parallel port 1 Serial/Ethernet port MS Windows 2000 SP4\XP MS IE 6.0

5 Dongle protection Safenet Sentinel/Net sentinel (USB, parallel port)
Sentinel system drivers (Sentinel Protection installer 7.4.0) “Sentinel Protection server” system service - NetSentinel Maximum 6 programs (servers, AlViS) per key System configuration (programs, max.symbols, servers, passwords, encryption keys,...) Service key (5 hours runtime)

6 AlVIS versions Number of symbols used
AlVIS /F AlVIS /300 AlViS /150 AlVIS /light (50 symbols, 1 server) 5 logical servers (panels) allowed 10,15,20,50,100 servers (+30 – 100%)

7 Ordering information AlViS client count and types
DDE server count and types Dongle types Dongle < - > programs assignment

8 Ordering examples Example 1 Example 2 1 x Parallel dongle
AlViS /F, 10 servers DDE server SecuriPro DDE server LST 2 x USB Dongle DDE server Aplex Example 2 1 x Net dongle 4 x AlViS /F, 5 servers 2 x SecuriPro DDE server 1 x LST DDE server

9 Key features Robustness Universality Open system Scalability
Rich feature set Easy application development Adaptability WEB support Multilanguage system

10 Robustness 10+ years history Advanced functionality
Designed for 24/7 operation Hundreds of successful installations (banks, insurance companies, industrial plants, army, police, state organizations,…) - growing Leading system in Czech and Slovak republics Installations in Poland, Austria, Holland, Russia, Island, Turkey, Holland, Hungary…

11 Universality General purpose system
Can monitor and control any devices, technologies or phenomena connectable to a PC Optimized for Intrusion detection systems Fire alarm systems Access control systems Building management systems Video systems Can be used in other areas (process control,…)

12 Open system Vendor independent Panel independent
Around 80 panels\technologies currently supported Constantly growing Supports cooperation with 3rd party programs and tools (OLE automation, MCI, SQL, Web) Integration tool

13 Scalability The whole range of installations supported
Small (1 panel, 1PC) Medium (1-2 PC’ several panels) Large (many panels, PC’s, LAN, WAN, Internet ) Industrial plants Nationwide, international networks Supervison centers Architecture, feature set - support License\price policy

14 Client/Server architecture
AlViS Graphical monitoring and control client AlViS DDE servers Communication with different devices (serial lines, TCP/IP, PC cards, databases,…) Distributed system Modified DDE (NetDDE) based protocol Encryption Robustness Connections supervision Automatic reconnection

15 DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
DDE service (server / panel type) Dde item 1 (sensor1) Dde topic (panel1) Dde item N (sensor N) Dde topic (panel2) DDE item = variable=sensor ... Bit oriented value : Bit 0 Alarm Bit 1 Error Bit 2 Disablement Bit 3 Revision Dde topic (panelN)

16 DDE operations DDE connect DDE request - initial value request
DDE advise - value update request DDE poke - value assignment DDE execute - function execution

17 NetDDE (Network DDE) Network DDE system service
ShareName = ServiceName + TopicName DDE share Trusted share DDE shares creation Automatic netshare.exe shareName entry in DDE server ini file Example : [SecuriPro 1] Name = SecuriPro1 shareName = SecuriPro1$ Using DdeShare.exe

18 DdeShare.exe

19 NetDDE requirements Network DDE system service – started ( automatic startup ) NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled PC’s must be in the same Workgroup, Domain Users must have the same local accounts on both PCs (names and passwords) Users must have the rights to log on locally, access the PC from the network ! Network DDE restart needed after manipulation with accounts, passwords, security parameters,..

20 Single panel connection
AlViS PC DDE DDE server RS232/422/485, TCP-IP, ... Panel

21 Multiple panels connection
AlViS Panel X 1 Server 1 PC Panel Y 1 DDE Panel Y 2 Server 2 Panel Y N Server N Panel Z 1

22 Multiple PC, multiple panels connection
Panel X 1 AlViS 1 Panel Y 1 Server 1 Panel Y 2 PC 3 Server 2 AlViS 2 PC 2 Server 3 Panel Z 1 NetDDE

23 DTCGate, DTSGate NetDDE replacement AlViS DDE server DTSGate DTCGate
Panel AlViS DDE server DDE DDE DTSGate DTCGate PC 1 PC 2 TCP\IP

24 DTCGate.ini [Main window] serverPort=9000 [server 1] service=Detect topic=Detect1

25 DTSGate.ini [Main window] address= port=9000 responseTimeout=30000 service=Galaxy serviceSuffix=

26 Complex system example

27 Easy application development
Predefined functionality Drag and drop, point and click rapid application development Text, XML editor application development Parallel development Minimize repetitive tasks Only unique information ( addresses, texts,..) must be entered Import from text files = low development and service costs

28 Adaptability Different customers - different needs AlViS AlViS dialogs
90 % - standard, predefined functionality 10 % - special requirements AlViS User definable graphical objects ( symbols, plans) User definable texts (symbol, operator instructions, event protocol texts, print texts …) Symbol behavior AlViS behavior AlViS dialogs AlViS script AlViS symbol templates AlViS.ini

29 AlViS script Event driven AlViS script engine
Events: - internal (alarm, error, plan change, variable change,…) - user (mouse, keyboard action,…) - external (events from connected devices,…)

30 Event flow Sensor event (Fire) panel Server variable change server
AlViS variable value change AlViS symbol status change AlViS

31 Web support XML support Web areas Web plans Web reports AlViS Web

32 Web areas, Web plans Rectangular areas on standard AlViS plans
The whole plans capable of showing web contents (html files, www links,…) Static and dynamic creation, URL settings Usable for web cameras,… Accessible from AlViS script - whole areas - area elements

33 AlViS Web Complementary to the standard AlViS system
Allows independent Web monitoring and control ( through www browser) of standard AlViS applications Supports events protocol viewing and filtering Requires LINUX\Windows 2000\XP Apache web server and MySQL\MS SQL database server

34 AlViS Web diagram Internet/intranet AlViS Web 1 AlViS Web 2
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Panel 5 Panel 6 Panel 7 AlViS Web 1 AlViS Web 2 AlViS Web 3 AlViS Web server (Linux/Windows 2000, Apache, MySQL) Web browser

35 Multilanguage system Online language switching
Supported languages : - English - German - Slovak - Czech - Polish - Russian - Icelandic Other languages on demand

36 AlViS modes Development mode Runtime mode
Monitoring application development Password protection Runtime mode Real-time alarm monitoring

37 Development mode Provides means for :
Defining plans Placing and configuring symbols Configuring main and view window parameters Editing users Numerous tools and features exists for : Maximal adaptability to the customer requirements Simple and rapid development of monitoring system

38 Development mode User definable graphical objects
Plans ( bmp, jpg, gif, wmf, emf files) Symbols - multistate Shape, color, number and order of states Symbol bar Symbol reaction on external ( servers) and internal (user action) events Object oriented scripting language Variables (external, internal, predefined) Functions Timers Built in OLE automation, MCI, serial communication support Syntax coloring editor Early typing error detection

39 Development mode Easy application modifications
Select , cut, copy, paste Replace regular expressions Parallel graphic and text mode development XML application format support Symbol templates Rapid application development Formal and actual parameters Simple massive modifications – template editing

40 Monitoring (runtime) mode
Clear graphic representation of the monitored area Plans Symbols View windows ( symbols, alarms, errors, user and protocol windows) Priority real-time processing of events Graphical localization of the alarm symbol Automatic plan change Alarm symbol zooming and blinking Acoustic alarm signalization PC speaker Sound card

41 Monitoring mode Alarm details window Online print simple/structured
Alarm confirmation Alarm processing delaying Alarm comment Online print Protocol message Alarm details/ operator instructions Alarm plan Alarm plan with instructions

42 Monitoring mode Events protocol
Encrypted circular file on the disk with proprietary format – very fast Online /offline filtering Print Export Automatic backup (online/incremental)

43 AlViS security Encryption Action protection Communication Application
Protocol Graphical files Action protection User system with passwords and access rights Every relevant action in AlViS can be protected by passwords and access rights (AlViS windows visibility and manipulation, development mode, alarm confirmation, protocol, symbol actions,…)

44 AlViS utilities PView - external protocol viewer
DView – universal DDE client Dtest – universal DDE server DTSGate, DTCGate TCP\IP <---> DDE gates AlViS Protocol – external protocol components

45 AlViS 3.1 features Import symbols from text files
Symbol parameters update from text files Symbol parameters editing in grid Alarm actions Web windows Symbol state icons order change support Symbol states order change support Symbol status sound files Camera protocol links support

46 AlViS Web 3.2 features AlViS Web DB connection supervision
Symbol state sound support Video protocol links support AlViS user windows support Right mouse click symbol context menus

47 AlViS benefits End user Panel manufacturer/distributor
sophisticated, up-to-date, easy to use unified monitoring and control system Panel manufacturer/distributor Hardware support Participation in complex installations AlViS distributor Licence fees Installation company AlViS installation,service, support

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