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SpinetiX S.A. Rue des Terreaux 17 1003 Lausanne Switzerland Mail: SpinetiX Hyper Media Player: HMP100 Features Overview.

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1 SpinetiX S.A. Rue des Terreaux Lausanne Switzerland Mail: SpinetiX Hyper Media Player: HMP100 Features Overview

2 2 HMP100 Functional Overview Hyper Media Player –Network /stand alone device –Complete Multimedia support: audio/video, images, animations –Dynamic scene composing (SVG) –Content scheduling (iCalendar) –Scripting (PHP, JavaScripts) –One-click media accounting Full Connectivity –Serial port –Ethernet –USB –HDMI and VGA output –Audio jack output

3 3 Unique selling propositions Plug & Play –dedicated network appliance easy to install and maintain Open API –Enable integrators and service providers to offer added valued solutions Supports SVG –Open standard –Wide availability of graphic content –Natively supports animations and dynamic content update Innovative appliance –Smallest form factor on the market –Lowest power consumption (2 watts) –OEM ready –Full connectivity

4 4 Offline mode: quick and simple Use an USB storage device with the media content to be displayed: –simply plug the USB key on HMP100 to start playing the content! Temporally connect a PC to the HMP100 unit and publish your content on the internal memory (2GB).

5 5 Networked mode: only freedom Monitor in real time each HMP100 units Publish content on one or multiple units Instruct the units to retrieve content from network resources Setup SNMP maintenance mechanisms Synchronize each display

6 6 Complete Multimedia Support Video: –MPEG2, MPEG4 (DivX), WMV 9, … –Maximum resolution: SD (720x576) Audio: –MP3, WMA, Real Audio, … Images: –JPEG, PNG, GIF, GIF animated, SVG Media formats: –AVI, WMV/WMA, VOB, MOV, … Streaming protocols: –MMS, RTSP, RTP, SDP, HTTP Text: –Support International languages (All Fonts, left-right / right-left)

7 7 Dynamic Scene Composing and scheduling Freely compose the scene using SVG –SVG: Open standard, XML-based 2D graphic language Enables declarative animations Effects can be applied on all media –SpinetiX provides predefined templates: Playlists with presets or custom transitions Scene layouts Precise content scheduling using iCalendar –Open standard for schedulers –Single and recurring schedules

8 8 Scripting and Accounting PHP scripting engine –RSS formatting –Database connection –Dynamic content generation (playlists,…) HTTP client –Get media from a centralized server –Get data from the internet Log when media content is played for advertisement accounting

9 9 Supported Displays HMP100 is HD-Ready: –Video standards supported 480p, 576p, 720p, 50 or 60 fps The Maximum resolution supported by HMP100 is: –1280x720 (16:9) –1024x640 (16:10) –1024x768 (4:3) HMP100 supports: –HDMI (inc. digital audio), –DVI via adapter –VGA (DB15 HD connector) With one HMP100 you can drive two displays with the same content!

10 10 Video walls Used in control rooms, public transportation, retail shops,… HMP100 simplifies the creation of video walls: –Each unit is time synchronous –Content can be scheduled to be reproduced when needed on any display of the wall Benefits: –Fully scalable solution –Low acquisition costs

11 11 Network connectivity Unique MAC Address –Can be identified uniquely on the network Supports: –Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, –IPv4, DHCP or fixed address –HTTP configuration server, password protected –HTTP client for web content retrieval –WebDAV server, password protected –SNMPv1/v2c, –NTP

12 12 Controlling display with RS232 HMP100 offers an RS232 jack to pilot the display behaviors –On/off, volume, sources, image properties… It is possible to upload multiple protocols to support different display models The cable can be purchased from SpinetiX

13 13 The USB connector Cost effective extension of local storage –with memory keys and HD New at IBC 2008 ! –Support for interactive devices Mouse, keyboards Touch panels In short future: –Support for WiFi connectivity

14 14 Updates and Upgrades Automatically installed on HMP100 from a local or remote PC Simple way to: –Improve current functionalities –Add support to new CODECs –Add new functionalities

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