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GIS Voice Dispatching Voice Recording Audio Link Emergency Text Messaging Phone Interconnect & Email Reporting & Statistic SmartDispatch integrated most.

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2 GIS Voice Dispatching Voice Recording Audio Link Emergency Text Messaging Phone Interconnect & Email Reporting & Statistic SmartDispatch integrated most of the common features that are in general needed by most of transportation, commercial, utilities and public safety market into one single solution. What can SmartDispatch do for you?

3 SmartDispatch Features – GIS Capability  Unit location on demand by dispatcher  Periodic location update with configurable interval  Color coded icons for radio status (online/offline, location available, alarm)  Different icon for different unit (vehicle, user, etc.)  GPS Revert Specific channel  Online tracking unit location on the map  route on the map for clear display  History route playback  Support various online and offline mapping engines: o Google map (online) – need internet access o MapInfo (offline)

4 SmartDispatch Features – GIS Capability Geofencing  Geofencing (restriction region / duty region) and alarm  Colored regions for easy identification  Regions can assign any predefined geofencing configuration  Enable multiple geofencing monitoring at the same time.  Easy to configure through graphical interface.

5 SmartDispatch Screenshot – Map View

6 SmartDispatch Features – Voice Dispatching  Make call or receive call from radios via computer console.  Support all types of call : Private call, Group call, All call  Remote Monitoring  Dispatcher Intercom  Audio Link  Phone Interconnect  Call Log (duration, caller, callee, call type)  Radio disable & enable IP Network

7 SmartDispatch Features – Voice Dispatching  VoIP G.711 standard vocoder  Monitor more than 8 voice channels per dispatcher client console. (SmartDispatch system supports more than 8 voice channels)  Number of voice channels depends on LAN bandwidth – 80 kbps per voice channel.

8 SmartDispatch Screenshot – Dispatcher View

9 SmartDispatch Features – Voice Recording  Record all voice calls. o Connection with mobile station – only record voice call that involve dispatcher. No private call within radios recorded. o Connection with repeater – record all voice call except voice call in direct mode.*  Easy search from call log and playback.  Recorded audio stored in common format. Easy for archive. * Will be supported by R3.5

10 SmartDispatch Features – Audio Link  Audio Link feature allows voice call between different radio system and across radio network.  SmartDispatch media server acting as an audio Link to link up call session between different radio system and radio network. SmartDispatch as audio Link Actual audio path Radio System / Network ARadio System / Network B

11 SmartDispatch Features – Emergency  Emergency can be triggered by emergency call, geofencing, or man down triggering.  Highlighted indication of emergency event from UI, including highlight red color message/icon and alarm siren sound.  Location based emergency will show the location of the emergency radio on the map.

12 SmartDispatch Features – Text Messaging  Sending short messages to radio unit or radio group.  Easy to use interface similar to instant messaging (chatting) application interface.  History text messages retrieve.  Predefined message.

13  Integrates with SMTP and POP3 server to send and receive standard email message.  Allows users to send email to radio from anywhere via email clients.  Allows to send text message from radio to any email address. SmartDispatch Features – Email Gateway POP3 & SMTP Server IP Network Internet / LAN SmartDispatch Station DMR Radio Network TM

14 SmartDispatch Features – Phone Interconnect  supports SIP standard protocol to integrate with standard IP-PBX.  Allows radios to make call to telephones and vice versa.  Allows dispatcher make/receive telephone calls through SmartDispatch client console. Audio IP-PBX (SIP Server) SmartDispatch Station DMR Radio Network

15 SmartDispatch Features – Reports & Statistic  History activities search and retrieval.  Generic report & statistic generation  Report export to a file  Various types of common reports: o Radio Status report o Call Log Report o Text Message Report o Emergency Report o …

16 SmartDispatch - DMR Connections  Two ways to connect to DMR Radio Network: Via Mobile Station (Dispatch Station) and via Repeater.  Connection to Mobile is through USB and maximum 4 mobiles can be connected to one SmartDispatch Gateway.  Connection to repeater is directly through IP connection(available in 2012.12). USB Up to 4 mobile radios can be connected SmartDispatch Application SmartDispatch Application IP Network Unlimited number of repeaters can be connected* * Will be supported by R3.5

17 SmartDispatch Lite

18 SmartDispatch Lite product facts  A standalone single PC version.  Support 2 voice channels + 2 data channels  Suitable for small size system usage  Support up to 100 radio units depending on the channel loading USB SmartDispatch Lite DMR Radio Network

19 SmartDispatch Enterprise

20 SmartDispatch Enterprise product facts  SmartDispatch Enterprise is a distributed system with 3-tiers Client/Server architecture.  SmartDispatch consists of the following software components: o SmartDispatch Server o SmartDispatch Client Console o SmartDispatch Gateway  Can be installed in one single PC. SmartDispatch Server SmartDispatch Client Console SmartDispatch Gateway DMR Radio Network VoIP

21 SmartDispatch Enterprise product facts  Suitable for system with large area coverage (across multiple regions)  Modularize components support flexible system configuration for various topology to fit customer’s different needs: o Single site topology o Multi-sites topology

22 Single Site Topology Dispatcher Client IP DMR Radio Network Single Site Dispatcher Cable SmartDispatch Gateway LAN / WAN IP Network SmartDispatch Server

23 Multi-Sites Topology Dispatcher Client LAN / WAN IP Network IP Dispatcher Cable DMR Radio Network IP Dispatcher Cable DMR Radio Network Dispatcher Centre SmartDispatch Server SmartDispatch Gateway SmartDispatch Gateway

24 PC with SmartDispatch Software USB Cable Analog Audio IN Analog Audio OUT Dispatcher Station Dispatcher Station Connection Configuration  Dispatcher Station is a DMR mobile radio.  No need specific firmware.  Need specific CPS configuration.  Connection to PC through dispatcher cable.

25  Platforms o SmartDispatch Server – Windows Server 2003 or windows system o Other components – Windows XP SP2 above, Windows 7 o Microsoft.NET 4.0  Database Microsoft SQL server 2005 or 2008  Sound Card o Recommended M-Audio (Delta 1010LT) o (Creative)Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card  IP-PBX o Any SIP server IP-PBX System Requirements

26 Hardware Configuration Server PC: 3.06G or 2.0GHz dual core /4GB Ram/NVS300 512M/1TB*3/DVD Client PC : CPU: 2.6GHZ or 2.0GHz dual cores\RAM: 2 Gbit\professional Sound card : Independent, 5.1, 24-bit sampling frequency Gateway PC : CPU : 3.3G/ 2.0GHz dual core/4G Ram/2*1TB/DWIN7 PR//USB Keyboard/USB Optical Mouse/ (Creative)Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card(PCI-E)

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