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Want a Re-Assurance that Digital is the way forward? 29% of the videos viewed on You tube in India were on a Mobile device. 69% of growth to come from.

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2 Want a Re-Assurance that Digital is the way forward? 29% of the videos viewed on You tube in India were on a Mobile device. 69% of growth to come from videos and mobile in the coming years. Out of the total of 8 Billion Dollars spent on Digital Ads across the world. Last year 70% was spent directly to Advertisers..30% spent on Ad Networks. This year.. 50% went to Advertisers. 50% spent on Ad Networks. 90 billion status updates on Facebook in a day. 250 million tweets in a day. 70 million views on you tube in a day. So we know where we should be and where to invest.- Web, Mobile and Paid segments of through Ad Networks are the high points.

3 What do we want to achieve Product Specific campaigning. Focus more on brand building. Actively pursue Online reputation management. Complement the conventional Ad campaigns through Digital initiatives. Digital Branding Presence. Support enhancement through E- initiatives. Views/Impressions Awareness Quote Generations Interest Filled up forms Desire Bought the product Action Cross sell-Come back again Engagement

4 Short Term Objective To achieve considerable inroads into the digital space in your sphere of products and thereby create a presence for V-Guard digitally.

5 Status Presently Functional Website Search Engine Optimisation for 15 Key phrases Active on article sharing and Blogs Digital Branding - Presently Non Active

6 Figures

7 Reality Any company desirous of achieving its digital marketing goals can achieve its objective only through SEARCHSOCIALDISPLAY

8 Action Plan Achieve these objectives through a well thought of spending plan on an Ad Network through the use of Ad Exchanges. Implement Paid Search, Social and Display marketing strategies through Ad Networks. Consistently monitored SEO techniques. Relook at the present website and upgrade. Create a strong mobile presence. Have a dedicated team to do so on all fronts- 1.Maintenance and updations for web, social and mobile 2.SEO, SEM Campaigns 3.Research 4.Ad campaigns

9 Activities - Search Platform Conduct SEM campaigns targeting the user segment for each of the products that the company wishes to market at a given point in time. Consistent PPC campaigns help in reducing cost per lead in the long run. This would help us in being present for lesser costs. Being seen in your sphere of business is highly valuable. Be visible in Organic search through Search Engine Optimisation. We suggest that the team research the key phrases and increase the key phrases and achieve high rankings on the same. Look at areas where organic SEO can add value in terms of CSR activities etc rather than only products. SEO looks at increasing visitors and traffic on the website while a PPC will look at a combination of being visible in all areas of your interest with immediate effect as well as convert them into leads and hence business. Retargeting activities: Using tools to ensure that users who leave the website are tracked and chased with Display ads and other ads to try and get them back to our website.

10 Activities on the Social Platform Update development and happenings on a daily basis on social platforms. Tweets, Face book updates on a regular basis. Blogging on platforms and forums which are related on a regular basis. Be visible in the Paid Ad segment on Social platforms like Face book and google. Helps in ORM as well. Weave in social media with everything that you do.

11 Activities on the Display platform Display campaigns that create a push marketing impact and targets those segments of your psychograph who are not active on search but are actively looking for a product in your segment. Consistent Display campaigns create a Brand Awareness and a Brand Recall at a cost which is much lesser than conventional media campaigns. A perfect combination between Push (Display) and Pull (Search) is the best campaign that would suit V-Guard today. These would be achieved through Ad networks identified.

12 Online Reputation Management Who is talking about V-Guard

13 Reviews

14 How do we handle such negative reviews? Post a reply on the website. Show concern and address the root cause. Provide a solution, or if a quick solution is not feasible, provide a contact number where customers can call and register a complaint. Provide assurance that action will be taken and such matters will be addressed with utmost confidentiality and clarity. Sites like are reviews written by REAL people. Sometimes these websites are used by competitors to malign businesses. While we cannot prevent such complaints from being lodged, we can address such complaints as soon as they are raised.

15 Or Capitalise on Good reviews

16 Brand Management on Web Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels will be created, updated and maintained on a regular basis. Google places listings to be optimised-Only one way of promoting the brand. Videos will be created and promoted over video marketing channels. Promotions, deals, contests will be generated, maintained and tracked. Paid campaigns will add a lot of branding value.

17 V Guard Product Grid Digital campaigns to be concentrated across active markets based on above grid. SEARCHSOCIALDISPLAY

18 What will we do for you in the coming year? Always looking at possible venues of Digital Branding and suggesting the same to V-Guard. Publishing Videos to enhance presence. Search tags using videos on You tube. Using expos/ other major initiatives-related and unrelated and trying to create a connect between the brand V-Guard. Here again.. Search and Display initiatives would be combined to achieve Branding. Enabling QR codes for each product category. Enabling Ads on QR codes, Product specs or a support function on QR codes. Activation of the mobile platform for V-Guard. Mobile platform to be explored for mobile ads to the target segment based on impressions.

19 Look at creating Apps which can accessed by existing customers who can provide feedback and can access service. Look at Digital Coupons and activate a Customer Loyalty program- Connect this and relate to Smart phones and activate app usage in the long run. An in house copywriter would assist in writing relevant content being posted on All Social Media and blogs. Look at TV show and promotions which have common psychographs as your clients and promote – engage. Coordination with the existing ad agency to ensure that the concepts are carried through the marketing initiatives.

20 Plan Phase I – 2-3 months Upgradation of the existing Internet marketing tools available. Creation of tools Non existent. Phase II – Spread across the Product Grid based on active seasons. Actively pursue Search. Social and Display campaigns in the paid segment. PPC Campaigns, Ad network campaigns, SEO, SMO campaigns. Continuous Evaluation of marketing activity. Phase III Branding activity to evolve with variable change. Digital Plan for evolving products of V-Guard. Some V-Guard products can be pulled by search and marketed. Thought of the cash on delivery model for V-Guard and believe it could work with digital quite well since its a proven model in digital today. The brand can be and must be pushed into the market. The combination of Push or Pull needs to be looked into with your marketing team to decide on the % of spend on the campaign.

21 Our Offer - Methodology The Complete Continuous Monitoring Solution. Consultation. Develop / Upgrade Website. Optimize Website for SEARCH. Work with managers to evaluate customers / products / services to increase the KRA's. Use available technology and increase branding via DISPLAY AND SOCIAL MEDIA. CONSULTUPGRADEOPTIMIZE STRATEGISEIMPLEMENT

22 Monitoring/Reporting Analytics & Measurement - Which site the visitor came from. - Which page or URL the visitor went to. - Geographic location (as identified by IP address). - Keywords searched for by visitor. - Specific event (such as filling out a form). - Click received from paid campaigns. - Impressions figure (no of times our ads seen). - Click through rate (Clicks/Impressions). - Cost incurred per click. - Conversion per click. Reporting Google Analytics Analysis Report - Help understand our sites performance in terms of important metrics like Visits, Page views, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time On Site and Pages per Visit. Keyword Ranking Report - Help analyze the keyword position on important search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). We will be generating registrations from the landing, which will be given to you in a dashboard. Enquiries can be captured on our dashboard. All these enquiries come in real time from the landing pages and can be sent to you or share the login details of lead dashboard with you.

23 Model of Engagement Dedicated team based in Dreeme for V-Guard digital operations headed by a senior acc executive. Retainer for - Maintenance, Research, SEO, Updates on social, website. At cost for Third party costs. Research will be conducted and presented to V-Guard on each of the desired areas of marketing- Call to be made mutually on best way forward after weighing options. New development to be quoted for separately which will cover Video creations, Animations if necessary to convey the brand. Additional programming charges for separate activities etc.

24 Dreeme Support instantly since we are based in Kochi. A very efficient 30 member team headed by PMP certified professionals. Separate Specialist teams for Design, Development and SEO/SMO activities. Consistent review meetings. Already servicing clients like - Eastern spices, Muthoot Pappachan Group, The Choice Group, Kancor, HFD, Fridge house, Jayalakshmi Silks, Palm Fibre, Ramada Hotels Cochin. Raxa Collective Hotels and Synthite Group, SFS homes to mention a few prominent ones. Flexible model.

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