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Listas Locales USA ONLINE DIRECTORIO General Presentation Hispanic Local Search LLC January 2013.

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1 Listas Locales USA ONLINE DIRECTORIO General Presentation Hispanic Local Search LLC January 2013

2 LISTAS LOCALES POWERFUL BRANDING CAMPAIGN 2013 Marketing Impression Components Continue to join us while we reach our Hispanic Communities in 73 US Hispanic Markets Home Page Banner Greeting Videos An average of over 1 Million monthly unique visitors. Interactive hyperlinked and hyperlinked to client banners Local City Search Page Banners Greeting an average of over 1 million monthly visitors searching for businesses in their neighborhoods Banner Options on the National Mobile Spanish Smart Phone search application. Access from your cellular phone to obtain company websites, phone numbers and maps, Geo Target by MSA/State Home Page Banner for Listas Locales Social Media Interactive click through for visitors, Highlights of grass roots 2012 campaigns featuring sponsored activities, likes, traffic building

3 LISTAS LOCALES POWERFUL BRANDING CAMPAIGN 2013 Billboard Sponsor TAG Prominent Exposure, Top 20 Hispanic markets, receive well placed billboards in high traffic, densely populated Latino neighborhoods Hispanic Newspaper Print Campaign 73 Hispanic Markets with ROP advertising Average 2 column ads (6x4) Banners, Promotions, Grass Roots Placed in Hispanic events. Listas Locales works in close relationship with Hispanic promotions done during Hispanic Heritage Month and Cinco de Mayo to display our banners. The ongoing branding and marketing of Listas Locales grows usage and increases impressions for our valuable client base of over 5 million businesses. Poster Campaign Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month Placed in Listas Locales markets, Over 10,000 posters distributed to Spanish Speaking businesses, at Hispanic events and in cooperation with our media poster sponsors. Hispanic Heritage Month and

4 LISTAS LOCALES POWERFUL BRANDING CAMPAIGN 2013 TV-Radio Please visit there you will be able to view our TV and listen to our Radio commercials Hispanic Local Search LLC understands that a consistent well executed media mix is essential to insure ongoing, successful growth for our valued clients Our announcements also update The Latino communities with new and special offers designed to drive traffic


6 Brings Hispanic Buyers to our Valued Clients through a Talented Team of SEO and Social Media Optimization Professionals. Here at Hispanic Local Search we are able to match the site administration with state of the art techniques focused on optimizing the site and creating the most user friendly online Spanish Yellow Pages in the nation. Traffic growth has been unprecedented. We are committed to insuring a favorable conversion rate for our valued clients. Here are a few of our unique Spanish SEO expert areas of focus. Full On-page SEO (We optimize our website to rank for local search terms) Keyword Research (This is an important element in SEO. It does no good to rank for a search term that no one is looking for) Certain high ranking key search terms is where we focus our investment on Ad Words Our key word knowledge for Spanish Language in multiple Hispanic dialects is second to none. Our focus is on the top 20% of our client base which is Attorneys, Insurance, and Restaurants to name a few. By bringing in traffic through highly concentrated focus on these categories, we achieve additional branding and bookmarks for return visitors looking for many other products and services in the directory. We are the preeminent Spanish Online Yellow Pages in the nation. Our Proprietary Tier Back Linking System protects the website while getting us on the first page. Press Releases. Proven safe Back Link Methods that we use every day. Google Places (Local) Optimization services. Google Places Citations. Social Media (Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook Twitter) Video Marketing You Tube conversion optimization. Over 25 years of Hispanic Marketing Experience

7 LISTAS LOCALES POWERFUL ONGOING CAMPAIGN 2013 Our continued objective is to provide the finest service and deliver superior returns on each Hispanic advertising dollar invested while we strive to deliver the best user experiences to our Latino Communities. Gracias! 813-885-8888

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