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Solutions for State and Local Governments Through GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program Tom Corcoran – Schedule 70 Cheryl Allen – Schedule 84 May 16,

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1 Solutions for State and Local Governments Through GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program
Tom Corcoran – Schedule 70 Cheryl Allen – Schedule 84 May 16, 2012

2 Federal Statutory Authority
Section 211 of the e-Gov Act of 2002 authorizes State and Local Governments to access Schedule 70: Information Technology (IT) products, software and services Public Law of the Local Preparedness Acquisition Act, authorizes State and Local Governments to access Schedule 84: Products, services and solutions for: Law Enforcement Firefighting/Public Safety Facility Security

3 GSA’s State and Local Programs
Schedule Programs 1122 (Joint Program with Dept. of Army) Cooperative Purchasing Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program Federal Grantee Access to Schedules in Response to Declared Public Health Emergencies Non-Schedule Programs Wildland Fire Program Computers for Learning Surplus Personal Property Donation Program

4 State and Local Procurement Policy and Preference Programs
Procurement Policies Apply Your state or local procurement policies and waiver procedures apply when placing an order using a GSA Program Preference Programs State and Local preference programs are not waived or otherwise affected by GSA’s state and local programs

5 State and Local Participation
Voluntary No obligation by state and/or local governments to use the Schedules Contractors decide whether to accept orders from state and local governments Always Open for Use Meet GSA Eligible Users Criteria Have State or Local Authority Granted by State or Local Entity

6 Eligibility Eligible Users The 50 states All counties
Municipalities, cities, towns and townships Tribal Governments Public Authorities (Public or Indian Housing agencies under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937) School districts Colleges or any instrumentality thereof

7 GSA State and Local Programs
Cost Savings Time Savings Built-in Value Selection Using the GSA Schedule programs can save you time and money, while providing you with an unparalleled selection of local and global contractors and access to GSA's many resources

8 GSA Schedules Program Benefits
Pre-negotiated ceiling prices that can be further discounted through head-to- head competition and negotiations Unparalleled access to local and global companies A suite of E-Tools to streamline processes A nationwide network of responsive GSA representatives Time Savings Cost Savings GSA State and Local Programs Selection Built-In Value

9 Schedule Terminology Schedule Number and Name
A grouping of Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for similar commercial products and service offerings Schedule Number and Name IT Schedule 70 Special Item Number (SIN) A subcategory of more specific groupings of products and service offerings within a Schedule 132-51

10 Schedule Contract Negotiated and Awarded Based On Includes
A five-year IDIQ contract with three five-year options (maximum of 20 years) Negotiated and Awarded Based On Positive past performance Most favored customer discounts Demonstrated financial responsibility Includes Lists and descriptions of available products and services Pre-negotiated ceiling prices Pre-negotiated terms and conditions Made competitive via your jurisdiction’s policies/ordering procedures or GSA’s recommended ordering procedures

11 GSA Schedules by the Numbers
Schedules provide access to over 11 million supplies and services 17,000 GSA Schedule contracts Nearly 80% are small businesses as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration Includes local businesses throughout the US as well as large, globally-recognized businesses Includes a range of socioeconomic/ disadvantaged business concerns State and local governments ordered over $757 million in supplies and services in FY 2011

12 Schedule Contract Pricing
Schedule Contract pricing includes a .75% Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) that the contractor remits to GSA Schedule Contract Prices GSA Schedule contract prices are the ceiling prices that can be further discounted Schedule Contractors Allowed to Offer Spot Reductions Jurisdictions Are Encouraged to Seek Additional discounts for Any Purchase (quantity 1) GSA Negotiates Most Favored Customer Pricing The Price You’re Quoted is the Price You Pay

13 When Can I Use the Schedules?
State and local customers often turn to GSA for: One Time, Large Dollar Buys Recurring Needs Expeditious and Emergency Procurements Authorized State and Local Programs Permitted use of the GSA Programs In Compliance with your Procurement Policies

14 GSA’s IT Schedule 70 Snapshot

15 Schedule 70 Background Legislation
P.L Sec. 211 of the E-Government Act of 2002 Opened Schedule 70 to State and Local Governments at all Times Any Funds Can be Used to Purchase through the Program Along with Schedule 70, constitutes the Cooperative Purchasing Program

16 IT Schedule 70 provides state and local government customers with direct access to commercial IT products, services and solutions. Software Term Software Licenses Perpetual Software Licenses Hardware Services Purchase or Rental Web-servers Network servers Cables Routers Gateways Biometric Readers Image capturing cameras Training Maintenance Installation IT Professional Services Wireless Services Satellite Services E-Commerce Identity & Access Management Products and Services

17 IT Schedule 70 Categories
Software: Term Software Licenses Perpetual Software Licenses Hardware: Purchase of Equipment Purchase of Used/Refurbished Equipment New SIN: Introduction of New Information Technology Services and/or Products

18 IT Schedule 70 Categories Cont.
Services: 132 60A Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed 132 60B Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed 132 60C Digital Certificates, including ACES 132 60D E-authentication Hardware Tokens 132 60E Remote Identity & Access Managed Service Offering 132 60F Identity & Access Management Professional Services Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Provider (SSP) Prog. HSPD-12 Product and Service Components Ancillary Supplies and/or Services 132 3 Leasing Short Term Rental Maintenance of Equip./Repair Maintenance of Software as a Service Training Courses IT Professional Services E-Commerce Services Wireless Services Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Transponded Capacity Commercial Satellite Subscription Services

19 Purchasing Power of Schedule 70
Fiscal Year 2012 Total Sales: $16 Billion Services $11.1 Billion Hardware $2.2 Billion Software $2.7 Billion Services Hardware Software 13% % 70%

20 Schedule 70 – Solutions Cloud IT Services
Computer and Networking Hardware Systems Life Cycle Integration Cyber Security Data Centers and Storage SmartBuy: Commercial Software Solutions Satellite Services Software and Applications Wireless and Mobility

21 For Assistance on Schedule 70
In addition to GSA’s CSDs and E-Tools, additional information and assistance in using Schedule 70 is available through: Call or the IT Schedule 70 Helpline (877) 446-IT70 (4870) 8:00am – 5:00pm EDT/EST Monday – Friday

22 GSA’s Schedule 84 Snapshot

23 Schedule 84 Background Legislation P.L. 110-248 The Local Preparedness
Acquisition Act of 2008 Opened Schedule 84 to State and Local Governments at all Times Any Funds Can be Used to Purchase through the Program Along with Schedule 84, constitutes the Cooperative Purchasing Program

24 Purchasing Power of Schedule 84
Combined FY2011 Sales Federal, State, & Local Total Sales: $61 Million - FY11 (Cum) $36 Million – FY12 (April-YTD) 15% % 70%

25 Schedule 84 – Attachment 1: Marine Craft
Boats, Engines, Trailers, Spare Parts & Accessories Harbor/Waterfront Security Products & Services Marine Craft Repair and Modifications to all type Marine Craft Professional Consulting and Training Services for Marine Craft, Harbor, or Waterfront Floating Marine Barriers, and Booms

26 Schedule 84 – Attachment 2: Firefighting and Rescue Equipment, Urban and Wildland
All types of Urban and Wildland Firefighting Equipment and Supplies Flood Control Products, Medical Rescue Kits and Patient transport/immobilization devices Fire Extinguishing/Suppressing Products Breathing Air Equipment & Respiratory Protection Products Hoses, Valves, Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings and Related Accessories Aerial Search and Rescue and Aerial Firefighting Products

27 Schedule 84 – Attachment 3: Alarm & Signal Systems, Facility Management Systems, Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Protective Service Occupations (Guard Services) Security Systems Integration and Design Services Security Management and Support Services Security System Life Cycle Support Alarm and Signal Systems, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Patient Wandering Detection, and Fire Alarm Systems Facility Management Systems including building comfort systems and integrated security system and Professional Security/Facility Management Services

28 Schedule 84 – Attachment 3: Alarm & Signal Systems, Facility Management Systems, Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Protective Service Occupations (Guard Services) – Cont. Protective Service Occupations including Guard Services, Alarm Monitors, Baggage Inspectors, Corrections Officers, Court Security Officers, Detection Dog Handlers, Detention Officers, Firefighters, Police Officers and Categories to support operation of on-site Security Functions, and other support and related categories.

29 Schedule 84 - Attachment 4: Special Purpose Clothing
Gloves, Protective Clothing, Hazmat Clothing, Rainwear, Footwear, Extreme Cold Weather Clothing, Fire Fighting Clothing, Wildland Fire Fighting Clothing, Flotation Devices, Security Clothing, High Visibility and Reflective Products, Medical/Hospital Clothing, Industrial Work Clothing, Concealment Clothing, Miscellaneous Undergarments for use with Special Purpose Clothing, and Cool/Hot Clothing Products.

30 Schedule 84 - Attachment 5: Law Enforcement and Security Equipment Supplies and Services
Body Armor, Miscellaneous Personal Law Enforcement Equipment Restraining Equipment, Canine Training and Handling Equipment, Search and Detection Night Vision Equipment Alcohol and Drug Detection Kits and Devices Bomb Disposal and Hazardous Material Equipment Radiation / Nuclear material Detection Equipment

31 Schedule Terms and Conditions
Contract Ts&Cs are available via eLibrary Clause exceptions that do not apply to orders placed by state and local governments include: Federal Prompt Payment Act – The ordering entity’s prompt payment laws take precedence Disputes – GSA is not a party to resolving disputes within the Cooperative Purchasing Program Commercial Item Contract Terms and Conditions Unique to the Federal Government – Applies to Federal Ordering Activities only Patent Indemnity Clause – Applies to Federal Ordering Activities only State and local governments may need to address these areas at the order level

32 Example Cooperative Purchasing Process
Sending a Request for Quote (RFQ) to a Selected Contractor (can use eBuy) Acquisition Research with GSA’s online tools, GSA Advantage!, eLibrary and eBuy Defining the Scope of Requirements Paying the Contractor as per the contract agreement Receiving Products or Services from the Contractor Evaluating Proposals and Making a Selection

33 GSA Recommended Ordering Procedures (FAR 8.4)
At or below Micro-Purchase Threshold ($3K) Transmit Request for Quote (RFQ) with Statement of Work (SOW) for Services Oral or Written Quotes and Delivery Instructions Acceptable Select a Contractor and Purchase $3,000 Contractors Must Accept Government Purchase Cards

34 GSA Recommended Ordering Procedures (FAR 8.4)
Above the Micro-Purchase Threshold Develop a Performance-based Statement of Work (SOW) for Services Include Evaluation Criteria to Determine “Best Value” Offer Must Receive and Evaluate at Least Three Proposals in Accordance with Evaluation Criteria Select the Contractor that Offers the “Best Value” $3,000+ Government Purchase Card Acceptance is not Mandatory, but Strongly Recommended

35 GSA Advantage! GSA eBuy GSA Advantage!

36 GSA eLibrary
Filter types of businesses by Schedule/SIN Schedule Contracts State and Local Icons denote State and Local Programs

37 Registration Current S&L registration for GSA Advantage!® and eBuy must be done through GSA Advantage! For immediate registration, users must have a .gov, .edu, or (where xx is state code) Users without approved domain names will have to go through alternate process with the GSA Advantage! helpdesk.

38 Alternate Registration Process
A request must be submitted in writing on official letterhead of your particular state or local government organization The name of the state or local organization must be on the letterhead The letter must be dated and signed by an approving official who will serve as the point of contact (POC) for any and all individuals who may request a GSA Advantage! account in the future using that second level domain Name, phone, , and title of the POC Provide the second level domain requested A short paragraph explaining your organizational mission and authority You may submit the request with attached letterhead document via to or mail to: GSA Federal Acquisition Service Contract Services Management Division (QI0A) Attention: GSA Advantage Crystal Drive, Suite Arlington, VA 22202 Please note that GSA will review each request and determine if that domain will be approved for ordering on GSA Advantage!. You will be notified of the decision via . GSA_028

39 GSA Resources Free Training Free E-Tools
Customer Service Directors (CSDs) Free Training In-person 24/7 Web-based training Free E-Tools GSA Advantage!® eBuy eLibrary

40 GSA’s State and Local Homepage
Quick reference for all GSA State and Local Programs Program brochure download links Special Program links Drill down for more information

41 Web 2.0 Tools Blog with us – Join our LIVE webchat 1:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month GSA is also on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

42 Helpful Links Website Name Website Address
GSA GSA State and Local Programs Cooperative Purchasing (70 & 84) Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program 1122 Program GSA Advantage!® eLibrary eBuy

43 Questions?

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