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U.S. General Services Administration Angela D. Jones and Dan Baskin General Services Administration May 2012.. The Benefits of Using GSA for Your Information.

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1 U.S. General Services Administration Angela D. Jones and Dan Baskin General Services Administration May 2012.. The Benefits of Using GSA for Your Information Technology Needs

2 Agenda Integrated Technology Services IT Schedule 70 Overview, Benefits and Solutions IT Schedule 70 – State & Local Programs Schedule 70 Resources Questions 2

3 Integrated Technology Services 3

4 ITS Mission, Vision, and Value Our Vision Great Government through Technology Our Mission To excel at providing customers easy access to IT solutions through quality industry partners to fulfill government mission requirements Our Value To reduce total acquisition time, cost, and risk, allowing our customers to focus on their mission 4

5 ITS Program Offices ITS IT Schedule 70 Fair and reasonable prices for IT products and services Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts Comprehensive and flexible contracts that provide virtually any IT service IT Commodity Program IT commodities and ancillary services through innovative ordering Center for Strategic Solutions and Security Services Good for Government Programs Network Services Programs Your one-stop shop for telecommunications solutions ITS Program Offices administer contract vehicles and deliver acquisition services to customer agencies to buy IT and telecommunications offerings and strategic solutions Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) provides complete acquisition lifecycle support to government agencies 5

6 ITS offers government customers access to IT products, services, and strategic solutions ITS Great Government through Technology Offerings Strategic Solutions Green ITCloud IT ServicesTelepresence Data Center ServicesTelecommunicationsCybersecurity ITS Offerings and Solutions Software Products and Services Professional Services Hardware Products and Services Communications and Network Services Security 6

7 IT Schedule 70 Overview, Benefits and Solutions 7

8 IT Schedule 70 Commitment to Our Customers Our Customers will have access to: A Streamlined Acquisition Process Example: E-Tools, training, templates, technical expertise Exceptional Customer Service Example: IT Schedule Helpline, Outreach, Training A Variety of Industry Partners Providing Best Value IT Products, Services and Solutions Example: Data Centers and Storage, Cloud IT Services, Wireless and Mobility 8

9 E-TOOLS to Streamline Your Acquisition: ToolDescriptionURL Search Tool Research Tool Ordering Tool Bus. Status Indicator Coop. Purch. Program Verifier GSA Advantage! ® Online Shopping Site http://www.gsaadvantage.govYES eLibrary GSA Online Contract Library http://www.gsaelibrary.gsa.govYES NOYES eBuy Online RFQ Tool 9

10 IT Schedule 70 – Who Are We? IT Schedule 70 grants agencies direct access to commercial experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the government IT community. IT Schedule 70 Offerings Software Licenses IT Equipment (Sales or Lease) IT Training Courses IT Professional Services E-Commerce Services Wireless Services Satellite Services Identity and Access Management Products and Services: Digital Certificates HSPD-12 Products and Services IT Schedule 70 Features Simplified ordering procedures Competitive pricing Abundant supply of small businesses Approximately 5000 industry partners of varying socioeconomic status Enhanced competition Available for state and local government use under certain authorities Ability to set-aside procurements for small businesses 10

11 Benefits of IT Schedule 70 11 TimeSavings Selection IT Schedule 70 CostSavings Built-inValue

12 Benefits of IT Schedule 70 The IT Schedule 70 offers… Cost Savings Time Savings Selection Built –In Value Competitive pricing with the ability to seek additional discounts off Schedule pricing Approximately 5000 pre-vetted local and global contractors, including small and disadvantaged businesses A suite of e-Tools to streamline processes, such as market research and competition Complementary trainings and assistance available The ability to set aside procurements for small businesses and to establish agreements, known as Blanket Purchase Agreements, for recurring needs 12

13 State and Local Programs Cooperative Purchasing Program Authorizes State and Local Governments to purchase IT products and services (IT Schedule 70) as well as Law Enforcement, Security, Fire and First Response products and services (Schedule 84) at anytime Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program Authorizes State and Local Governments to purchase products and services from all Schedule only in the event that a National Disaster or an act of terrorism is declared by the President 1122 Counter Drug Purchasing Program Authorizes State Law Enforcement to purchase certain products (Various Schedules) for the purposes of drug interdiction For details and for more information visit: 13

14 State and Local Programs: Eligibility and Scope Scope GSA Schedule 70: General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services GSA Schedule 84: Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft and emergency/disaster response Eligible Users The 50 states, all counties, municipalities, cities, towns and townships, Tribal Governments, Public Authorities (Public or Indian Housing agencies under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937), school districts, and colleges or any instrumentality thereof 14

15 State and Local Programs: Participation Voluntary No obligation by state and/or local governments to use the schedule Contractors decide whether to accept orders from state and local governments Always Open for Use Meet GSA Eligible Users Criteria Have State or Local Authority Granted by State or Local Entity 15

16 State & Local Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) Examples: ((Not All Inclusive) Not All Inclusive) Data at Rest (DAR) Software that protects and defends sensitive, unclassified data on government laptop PCs and other removable storage media Situational Awareness and Incident Response (SAIR) Cost effective information security tools that secure governmental IT infrastructures, prevent data damage, and meet IT cyber security and compliance mandates 16

17 IT Schedule 70 Categories Software: 132 32Term Software Licenses 132 33Perpetual Software Licenses Hardware: 132 8 Purchase of Equipment 132 9Purchase of Used/Refurbished Equipment New SIN: 132 99 - Introduction of New Information Technology Services and/or Products 17

18 IT Schedule 70 Categories Cont. Services: 132 3 Leasing 132 4 Short Term Rental 132 12 Maintenance of Equip./Repair 132 34 Maintenance of Software as a Service 132 50 Training Courses 132 51 IT Professional Services 132 52 E-Commerce Services 132 53 Wireless Services 132 54 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Transponded Capacity 132 55 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Subscription Services 18 132 60A Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed 132 60B Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed 132 60C Digital Certificates, including ACES 132 60D E-authentication Hardware Tokens 132 60E Remote Identity & Access Managed Service Offering 132 60F Identity & Access Management Professional Services 132 61 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Provider (SSP) Prog. 132 62 HSPD-12 Product and Service Components 132 100 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services

19 IT Schedule 70 Solutions Cloud IT Services Computer and Networking Hardware Systems Life Cycle Integration Cyber Security Data Centers and Storage Satellite Services SmartBUY: Commercial Software Solutions Software and Applications Wireless and Mobility 19

20 Cloud IT Services Cloud computing: on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) is GSAs storefront for its Cloud IT Services. 20

21 Computer and Networking Hardware To support a robust IT infrastructure, IT Schedule 70 offers many options for Agencies to obtain computer and networking hardware including: Desktop computers Laptop computers Computer peripherals Tablets and notebooks Servers Routers and switches Network monitoring tools Wireless devices Data storage devices and drives Display monitors 21

22 Systems Life Cycle Integration IT Schedule 70 can help customers meet their mission-critical systems life cycle and integration requirements. GSA offers the following solutions: IT Support Conversion and implementation Programming Project management Resources and facilities management Data/records management 22

23 Systems Life Cycle Integration Cont. GSA offers the following solutions: Computer and Network Systems Design Development Documentation Analysis Creation or Modifications Testing and Implementation 23

24 Cyber Security IT schedule 70 offers complete, state-of-the industry products and services to meet cyber requirements. Listed below are groupings to help determine the products and/or services that meet agencies needs: Identity Management Safeguard Information Compliance Support 24

25 Data Centers and Storage Enable customers to meet their mission-critical needs Help customers meet mandates, minimize risks, maximize productivity, and promote sustainability Customers can get the following services: Data center consolidation, modernization, and transformation Computer and network systems integration analysis and design Data center design Disaster Recovery 25

26 Satellite Services Maintain essential and secure communications, particularly for emergency responders, disaster recovery teams, and war fighters. Satellite service offers : Wireless Broadband Quick deployment for domestic emergency response communications Operations and Service variety Surge capacity for military communications Remote and mobile access to terrestrial networks 26

27 SmartBUY: Commercial Software Solutions Target standardized, commercially available business software, using stringent technical requirements developed by Subject Matter Experts from OMB Lines of Business Standardization: Use government standard software to ensure interoperability of federal systems Best Practices: buy software solutions with the latest DHS, NIST, and OMB standards SmartBUY offerings are limited to SINs encompassing the areas of Software, Software Maintenance, and Professional IT Services. 27

28 Software and Applications Get state-of-the-art software products and services with GSA's Smart Buy and IT Schedule 70 Agencies can choose the acquisition solution that best matches their needs such as: Asset management Data management Financial management Business intelligence 28

29 Wireless and Mobility Offer a full range of end-to-end wireless solutions from mobile, fixed and broadcast services to applications such as emergency response, distance learning, Internet access and so much more: Voice Services Data Services Cellular Broadband Services Cell Phones PDAs 29

30 Questions? 30

31 Schedule 70 Resources – Contact Info. IT Schedule 70 Helpline: (General Information) 877-446-4870 (M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST) IT Schedule 70 31

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