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Multicultural Education: Chapter 8 For Freedoms Sake

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1 Multicultural Education: Chapter 8 For Freedoms Sake

2 Citizen of the Free World
Individuals should have the capacity to choose Individuals should have the power to act to attain one’s purpose Individuals should have the ability to help transform a world lived in common with others

3 What limits human freedom?
The cultural encapsulation (nutshell) into which all individuals are socialized Multiculturalism: Multiculturalism encourages immigrants and other minorities to retain their foreign cultures by not assimilating into the Euro-American culture

4 Community Cultures Individual and group values, beliefs and stereotypes Cultures enable people to survive Cultures also restrict freedoms to make critical choices and actions to reform society

5 Education in a Pluralistic Society
Should Affirm and help students understand their home and community cultures Help free them from their cultural boundaries

6 Education in a Democratic Society
Should create and maintain a civic community with goals to: Work for a common good Help acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to participate in civic action to make society more equitable and just Create a multicultural education

7 What Constitutes AMERICAN identity and who should participate in formulating the canon used to shape curriculum An "educational canon with respect to some subject is the set of rules for determining what materials -- ideas, methods, heuristics, texts, data -- are essential for someone to learn if he or she is to grasp adequately that subject

8 1990 Movement Voices launched a movement to infuse content about ethnic groups and women into School, college, and university curriculums Creating a debate about multicultural education Media publications rather than scholarly journals Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic Popular media instead of educational forum

9 Western Traditionalists vs the Multiculturalists
Western Defense Criticizes where multiculturalism is taking the nation Multiculturalism - Fails to pay attention to the fact that multicultural education emerged out of Western democratic ideals

10 Major goal of Multiculturalist
Close the gap between the Western democratic ideals of equality and justice and societal practices that contradict those ideals Such as discrimination based on race, gender and social class

11 New Leaders To participate in genuine discussions, dialogue and debates To formulate visionary and workable solutions THE CHALLENGE Creatively deal with the increased diversity in the US and the world Transform the problems related to racial, ethnic, cultural, language, and religious diversity into opportunities and strengths

12 Share Power Both sides need to put the power on the table and to negotiate and share Western traditions hold the balance of power via schools, government, and publishing African or Asian perspectives are thru the eyes of European concepts and paradigms generally studied under the “Age of Discover” when the Europeans arrived

13 Facing Realities Census 2008 – 28 of Americans were of color
By 2020 – ½ nations’ students will be of color These individuals have a right to study their culture and in shaping a curriculum canon that reflects their experiences, histories, struggles and victories

14 Facts Multicultural advocates
Cultures need to be legitimized in the curriculum Acknowledgement of African contributions to European civilization be acknowledged Facts about women and people of color and their victimizations be told in an effort to reform society Scholarly works and literacy by minority groups

15 Reinterpret Western Civilization
To acknowledge various groups’ dreams against all odds Provide a more truthful, complex and more diverse version of the West Describe ways in which African, Asian, and indigenous American cultures influenced and interacted with Western Civilization

16 Myths Western is homogenous It owes few debts to other civilizations
Privileged and upper class European American males are they only key actors

17 Classrooms Should be a forum which multicultural debates concerning the construction of knowledge takes place Social construction reflects: Perspectives Experiences Values of the people and cultures that construct it ALL VOICES should be heard in the classroom

18 Toward the Democratic Ideal
Multiculturalism Reformulate and transform Western canon, not purge the curriculum Write more about the intersections of multicultural content and Western centric canon As a product of the Western Ideals, multiculturalism seeks human dignity, equality and freedom Freedom movements are symbols of structural exclusion

19 Goals of Freedom Movement
Full inclusion of victimized groups into Western Institutions Create a nation – state that actualizes Not about diversity, but designed to reduce race/class/gender divisions in the US and world

20 Educating for Freedom Mainstream Education
Rarely have opportunity to identify, question and challenge their cultural assumptions: beliefs, values and perspectives Few opportunities to be free from monocultural views that devalue other cultures Inability to function within other American cultures and lack motivation to seek benefits School forces them to learn and home and in their communities

21 All students need the skills of a multicultural education to understand others and thrive in a rapidly changing world

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