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Chapter 15 A Feminist Future: Goals, Actions, and Attitudes __________________________.

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1 Chapter 15 A Feminist Future: Goals, Actions, and Attitudes __________________________

2 Feminist Goals Goal one: Gender equality in organizational power Gender differences in organizational and interpersonal power continue to limit women’s advancement in the workplace More and more women must attain levels of power currently held by men ___________________________

3 Feminist Goals Goal two: Gender equity in relationship power Men continue to hold more interpersonal power relative to women Women would benefit by having a greater voice in dating decision making and a more balanced division of household labor ___________________________

4 Feminist Goals Goal three: Gender equality in power for all groups of women Women are disadvantaged by gender inequality of power and also by differences within genders We must ensure that increases in female power benefit all women, regardless of ethnicity, class, disability/ability, sexual orientation, or age ___________________________

5 Feminist Goals Goal four: Greater flexibility in the social construction of gender Most gender behaviors and roles are shaped by interpersonal, societal, and cultural expectations, not by biology Power imbalances also guide the social construction of gender (Howard & Hollander, 1997) More flexibility in the construction of gender is needed ___________________________

6 Actions to Achieve these Goals Research and teaching Greater knowledge of differences in interpersonal and societal power can help clarify the role that power imbalance plays in women’s lives Understanding the psychology of women enlightens us about the ways we construct gender in our lives Research and teaching about the experiences of diverse women can help dispel myths and stereotypes Research and teaching must include a broader scope of topics and attention to diverse women’s experiences _____________________________

7 Actions to Achieve these Goals Socialization of children Parents can bring up children so that preferences and skills, rather than gender, are the defining characteristics that guide development Allows for expansion of the range of activities, behaviors, and roles from which the child, and later the adult, could choose Leads boys to develop a greater understanding and respect for behaviors and roles traditionally associated with females Minimizes the extent to which people view and evaluate others on the basis of a rigid construction of gender ___________________________

8 Actions to Achieve these Goals Institutional procedures Institutions can initiate practices that reduce gender inequality and create hospitable environments for both women and men Educational institutions Religious institutions Media Health care institutions ____________________________

9 Actions to Achieve these Goals Individual actions Individual efforts are used by many women to achieve success and better their own lives Work hard Assert one’s rights Seek out opportunities for advancement Make sacrifices if necessary ___________________________

10 Actions to Achieve these Goals Collective action Women, both individually and in groups, should strive to empower all women, not just themselves Advocate for social change Address the concerns of diverse groups of women Examples of collective action Enhancing women’s motivation for social activism ___________________________

11 Feminist Beliefs Feminist identification Support for women’s movement has increased since the 1970s, but proportion of American women who identify as feminists remains low (Houvouras & Carter, 2008) Ethnicity and feminist identification “Egalitarians” (Zucker, 2004): Reject the feminist label but support the goals of feminism Concerns with negative images associated with feminism and feminists Perception that gender equality has already been achieved (Houvouras & Carter, 2008) Think feminist identification implies collective action, but themselves prefer individual efforts ___________________________

12 Feminist Beliefs Emergence of feminist beliefs Women’s studies courses Grow up with feminists in family Personal experiences that highlight awareness of living in sexist society ____________________________

13 Feminist Beliefs Men and feminism Men’s movements Pro-feminist men ___________________________

14 Postscript Two cautionary notes Knowledge about psychology of women is situated in a particular time in history Teaching does not take place in an ideological vacuum ____________________________

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