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Discipline Plan Classroom Procedures Consistency.

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2 Discipline Plan Classroom Procedures Consistency

3 If you do not have a plan, then you are planning to fail.

4 Proactive Effective Teacher Reactive Ineffective Teacher


6 There are three types of discipline plans. Teacher is in Charge Teacher directed, students offered no choices Both Student and Teacher are in Charge Teacher asks questions, discusses, and solves problems with student. Student in Charge Student-centered, student has many choices

7 Rules are used to set limits. There are two kinds or rulesgeneral and specific. General – Respect others. Specific – Hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

8 A consequence is the result of a persons chosen action. There are two kinds of consequences rewards and penalties. Reward – 30 Minute Free Time Penalty – Time Out/ Power Center

9 What are some ways to reward students without resorting to snacks or treats?


11 DISCIPLINE concerns how students BEHAVE. PROCEDURES concern how things ARE DONE. Discipline HAS penalties and rewards. Procedures DO NOT HAVE penalties or rewards.

12 Procedures are importance in society so that people can function in an acceptable and organized manner. Airplane Elevator Weddings Church

13 Procedures produce permanent behavior changes. There are three steps to teach procedures Step 1: Explain Step 2: Rehearse Step 3: Reinforce

14 Entering the classroom Asking a question Sharpening a pencil Turing in papers Changing groups When you need a pencil or paper Cafeteria End of Class/Dismissal

15 REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE! Repetition is key to successful classroom management.

16 Organization Predictability A Well-Managed Classroom Improves Student Learning

17 Effective teachers MANAGE their classrooms with procedures and routines. Ineffective teaches DISCIPLINE their classrooms with threats and punishments.

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