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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION NAD Teachers Convention 2012 Martha Havens, Associate Director Pacific Union Conference.

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1 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION NAD Teachers Convention 2012 Martha Havens, Associate Director Pacific Union Conference

2 Goals for this Session Define Management Components of a Discipline Plan Difference between Rules vs. Procedures It is all about TIME / A recipe that works Our Life as Educators

3 Management Definitions Having authority The process of engaging people

4 Management Definitions (contd) Space Time Materials Curriculum and Believe it or not we manage our personal Life!!!

5 Components of a Discipline Plan General Classroom Rules Procedures Rewards Consequences "If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail.

6 A Sample of General Rules Kindness Work Quietness Cleanliness Reflect the teachers philosophy and expectations for behavior in His or Her Classroom.


8 Samples of Procedures Responding to an earthquake/fire drills/ other alerts Knowing the schedule for the day/class Finding directions for each assignment Listening to/responding to questions Entering/leaving the classroom Getting to work immediately When you are tardy End of period class dismissal Participating in class discussions When you need pencil/paper Checking out classroom materials

9 Marthas Approach to Teaching the Best Time Procedures: 1.Preparing Time 2.Working Time 3.Brain Breaking Time

10 1. Preparing Time Teacher models preparation. What do I do during this period? What materials do I need to do my work? Where do I work? What do I do when Im finished? Alone or in a team? Ready? If not… Ask Questions Now

11 2. Working Time We start working immediately We use certain voice level We record our work as needed What to do when done? What to do if stuck When done we pick up, put away

12 3. Brain Break Time Stop working Relax/Cool off! Talk to a friend Talk to the teacher Take a drink If time, play a quiet game

13 When Done with your Assignment Do more, get ahead Do other work Help a friend Free Table, if open

14 What to do if teachers are busy or Im stuck and the teacher is busy Ask a friend ** Look up the teachers guide Skip for now, see the teacher later Do other work Free table, if open

15 DEFINITION of Reward: To give or assign to as due; recompense. Types of Rewards: Group Extrinsic Intrinsic Christian Principle Rewards Rewards

16 DEFINITIONS: Consequences – Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition; effect. Discipline – Training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior. Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training. Consequences/Discipline Issues

17 After Agreeing to Rules and Training to Procedures… …A CHANGE of MIND MAY OCCUR Student made a mistake! Forgot temporarily! Student knows the rule, expectation of behavior, but chooses to go against it. Student has never been in your room before.

18 Ask these Questions Before Dealing with Discipline… Is it a temporary situation? More on the oops I forgot category/garden variety? Or is it on the category of the second, third repetition? The teacher and student must now discuss the consequences!! Or is it totally unacceptable behavior that does not respond to warnings or consequences. It is now consistently occurring? So it is time to apply a different plan? Behavioral contract?…

19 You Judge This as a Temporary Situation: Here are some options Move close to the student Make eye contact and WAIT to see if a change occurs Give a non-verbal signal to stop behavior (Choose signal carefully) Call the students name or give a verbal instruction to stop the behavior RE-direct the student to appropriate behavior, citing briefly but clearly what EXPECTED activity is taking place

20 Consequences to Support the Discipline Plan What type of consequence would fit? Time Out Recess penalties Payments to teacher (with points, classroom money, etc.) Referrals to office After school make-up time Teacher conference/prior to parent conference and/or call Card system (Lee Canter/Sid Simon/ Cordwin/Glasser

21 Types of Behavioral Contracts A Simple Behavioral Contract A Complex Behavioral Contact

22 Final Thoughts on Classroom Management and Discipline You are the adult. Maintain dignity. Do not let a students problem be in charge of the room. It is already in charge of the student. You be in charge of yourself, the classroom, and your response to the situation. Respond, do no react, to the situation. The student needs assistance in some way. If you can do that, do it. If you also need assistance, get it. Its not a big deal. You can not do everything all the time. You are not alone! There is a higher power!

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