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Using Responsibilities and Procedures to Establish Class Discipline.

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1 Using Responsibilities and Procedures to Establish Class Discipline

2 1. Clarifying the responsibilities of the teachers and students 2. Teaching the procedures students are expected to follow in class

3 They believe Classroom Management is the key to successful teaching. They believe classrooms should be very structured and should run like clockwork. Teachers need to explain all rules and responsibilities of the students and the teachers until it becomes AUTOMATIC!!

4 What you do on the first day of school determines your success for the rest of the year (Wong & Wong, 2004)

5 Rules indicate the behavior you expect from your students. Rules set limits just like in game situations. Consequences must be attached to the rules both positive and negative. MUST BE EXPLAINED ON THE FIRST DAY!!!

6 Wongs suggest you limit the number of rules to a maximum of five! Rule #1 – Follow directions the first time they are given Rule #2 – Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak Rule #3 – Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise Rule #4 – Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself Rule #5 – No cursing or teasing

7 Classroom is inviting Greet students as they enter Assigned Seating Problems are proportional to distance Assignments for students to begin as they enter Dress in a professional manner Display your diplomas & credentials with pride

8 Students accept and appreciate uniform procedures. If they behave undesirably and develop poor work habits, they may be harder to correct. You will end up with a large number of procedures but….remember every time you want students to do something, they need a procedure to follow! You have to teach ALL procedures, not just TALK about them!!!

9 Explain – the teacher states, explains, and demonstrates the procedure. Rehearse – the students practice the procedure under teacher supervision. Reinforce – the teacher provides re-teaching, rehearsal, and reinforcement until the procedures become habituated.

10 Provides students with a list of all the classroom procedures Cover Page - Follow these procedures to reward yourself with complete success. Teacher emphasizes: You will be safe in this class. I will do my best for you, and I want you to do your best for yourself. Be ready to learn and do the best you can.

11 Empty your backpack, place it neatly outside, and bring in homework and needed supplies. Enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner. Greet your teacher as you enter and say hi to all your classmates. Turn in your homework or keep at desk if it is to be graded in class. Begin on your seat work.

12 Line up Lunch Bus/Car pick up Going to other parts of the school Assembly End of the day Restroom Drinking Fountain Computer Substitute Teacher Group Work

13 If you have an assignment for the students to begin working on the second they walk into the room, it will eliminate 90% of the discipline problems that arise otherwise!! Take roll call while you walk around and observe them. FIRST day should be planned in detail right down to the minute!!

14 Most students do better with group work Should call them support groups and be paired up with a support buddy. Ineffective teachers – divide students up and expect them to work together Effective teachers – teach the procedures and social skills needed for functioning in a group.

15 Be responsible for their own work and behavior Ask a support buddy for help if you have a question Help any support buddy who asks for help Ask for help from the teacher only when support buddies cannot supply it

16 Monthly columns – Wongs website – Mr. Gibbs (Grade 4 teacher) lists of procedures -

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