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Increasing the price of EuroMillions in the UK by 33.3%

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1 Increasing the price of EuroMillions in the UK by 33.3%

2 $7.5 billion p.a. game Operating across 10 European lotteries, 3 currencies, 2 time zones Weekly sales from $200 million, ranging up to $400 million per week

3 The inside story ….of a price increase, without a drop in player participation

4 Player participation growth by a further 5% of all adults - to 33% 11% increase in number of tickets sold 7% adjustment in boards played Revenue growth of 38% The results…..48 weeks post £1.50 to £2:



7 Entire company got involved

8 Even the Mayor of London mucked in!

9 3 rd Licence from Feb 2009 - 5 year Game Plan/Pipeline Beyond the Core Refresh & Optimise the Core Extend the Core Time Turnover

10 Beyond a credit crunch

11 Dianne Thompson, Group CEO, Camelot Group

12 The consumer has always been our boss in everything we do

13 Spot the person wanting a price increase…

14 But done right….brands can command a premium price

15 Against a backdrop of the need for growth, UK players felt nobody ever won in the UK Youre not just up against the UK but the whole of Europe Nobody ever wins in the UK EuroMillions is that game that is run somewhere in Europe, and all the money goes to good causes there

16 Our objectives were two-fold Drive further brand growth and therefore deliver greater returns for Good Causes Overcome UK resistance to EuroMillions and reward players with more of a UK winning experience

17 The strategy…. Increase the price of the game by 33% to £2 Introduce the UK Millionaire Raffle….. £1m prize guaranteed each and every week in the UK on top of the chance to win big jackpots Funded by the increase in price raised by the additional 50p All players automatically entered for every line they play

18 Excite Guaranteed UK Millionaire Led by Above the Line Inform Dont just see the 50p as a price hike Retailers and Below the Line Integrate Price rise linked to the benefit of the millionaire raffle Telling the story…

19 Campaign message This Friday, the EuroMillions jackpot is a massive £82m. EuroMillions is now £2 and includes the new Millionaire Raffle where every week, one lucky UK player will win £1m – guaranteed.

20 Consistency at every touchpoint Gold Union Jack Pinball used as the consistent brand icon throughout the communications

21 Retailers Needed to reassure them Focused approach Cash benefit Complete saturation

22 Across every touchpoint Counter card Ticket Message Media Screen Customer hotline

23 TV Advertising pivotal to the plan Would ensure quick coverage in terms of players reached Offering the best platform for engagement and excitement and was a proven channel for us in terms of return on investment

24 Broadcast Press and Radio

25 Online and Digital Driving registrations Sign-posting Fulfilment

26 Broadcast TV To help create mass visibility and awareness…

27 Business results…..pre and post

28 Pre vs. Post £2 price point (48 Weeks) Tickets Total over 48 weeks Spend per Ticket -Avg Lines Per Ticket Avg over 48 weeks Sales Total over 48 weeks +11% 224.6m to 248.7m +24% £2.98 to £3.70 -7% 1.96 to 1.82 +38% £669.5 to £920.9m Source Camelot Sales from Apr 07 – We/ 4 Oct 2010 Business results….. Price increase Lotto sales


30 Not really…….in 2010

31 Not really…….in 2011 2 guaranteed UK Millionaires made every week 174 UK Millionaires made by 2nd anniversary this Nov Clear scope to grow further

32 Not really…….in 2012


34 Looking ahead to $2 Powerball Napoleon: I base my calculations on the expectation that luck will be against me. Its the consumer perception, stupid

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