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Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Player Rewards Programs David Barden ASL Vice President of Gaming.

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1 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Player Rewards Programs David Barden ASL Vice President of Gaming

2 Overview The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) launched an innovative, multi-faceted marketing program that offers additional opportunities for players to win cash as well as the chance to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

3 Rewards Programs Customers are familiar with rewards programs. Ex. Banks, Airlines, Hotels, and Grocery Stores. Some objectives of rewards programs: - Retain existing customers. - Reward most valuable customers. - Acquire new customers. - Establish customer relationship. - Understand purchase behavior. - Improve marketing efficiency. - Build sales.

4 Source: Colloquy Industry Survey +35% +38% Rewards Program Participation is Soaring

5 No Commitment Casual Inquiries and General Information Minimal Commitment (Opt-In) Better Information, Entertainment, and Interaction More Commitment (Enter Tickets) Tangible Benefits Website Players Club Rewards Program Websites vs. Players Clubs vs. Rewards Programs

6 Rewards Programs With robust rewards offerings available in the marketplace already and a growing emphasis on online interactivity, player rewards programs are a natural progression for the lottery industry.

7 ASL Opportunities 1.Build a strong relationship with players from launch. 2.Maintain player interest. 3.Reward players for playing our games. 4.Provide added value for instant games. 5.Maintain top prize availability throughout the life of an instant game. 6.Create a dynamic and engaging web presence. 7.Communicate directly with players through email.

8 Program Introduction ASL online player services fall under the umbrella players club named The Club. Instant vendor Scientific Games administers the player services, website, and drawings.

9 Program Introduction Player registration began with the lottery startup on September 28, 2009. Players register for a free account with their email address, contact information, and password.

10 The Club Players Club benefits include: Lottery email updates. Website with lottery news and events. Player polls. Access to Play It Again and Points for Prizes services.

11 ASL Website

12 The Club Log In Page

13 Play It Again One top prize amount is awarded through a second-chance drawing at the end of every instant game. Players submit non-winning tickets online. Allows a top prize to remain available to players throughout the life of every game.

14 All player services are accessed online. Mailed ticket entries are not accepted. Winning tickets are not accepted. The player enters a 12-digit number from the ticket front and a 13-digit number from the ticket back. Submitting Non-Winning Tickets

15 Visit to Play It Again! is printed on both side borders of every ticket. Entry instructions and Points for Prizes logo appear on the back of tickets. Ticket Markings

16 Additional Second-Chance Drawings Some instant games feature additional second-chance opportunities for prizes such as trips or prize packs. Web-based games offer players a predetermined, interactive game to reveal their entries. Ex. The Price Is Right® and World Poker Tour®

17 Announced in January 2010 and implemented in February. For every non-winning ticket entered, players also earn rewards points that can be redeemed in drawings or for merchandise. Points for Prizes

18 Points Redemption Center Catalog includes: Lottery-branded merchandise (t-shirts, hats, etc.) Apparel, accessories, outdoor items, electronics, and other merchandise. Gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and discounts. Enter for occasional prize drawings including trips. Music downloads coming soon.

19 Ticket Entry Process

20 Total Registered Players

21 Impact of Introducing Points for Prizes

22 Entry Activity through mid-March 2010 Approximately 18% of eligible tickets have been entered by players. Approximately 3,000 items have been redeemed from the Points for Prizes store. Top item by quantity ordered: certificate (1,763 ordered to date). $191,000 awarded in Play It Again prizes.

23 Entry Activity through mid-March 2010 More than 122,000 registered players since launch. Approximately 1,500 new registrations per week. More than 11 million non-winning tickets entered. More than 103 million Points for Prizes points earned.

24 Continuing to Grow ASLs player rewards programs will continue to grow and change to maintain the relationship these programs have established with players. Double Points promotions: – target specific game or multiple games; – limited time periods or for life of game. Excellent opportunity to spur sales for slower moving/older games. On Sale store items: – limited time points pricing reductions on featured items within PFP store.

25 This is the greatest thing ever!! I love to get away from life and just sit down to enter all of my non winning tickets to win something else!!!! Thanks for doing this. Keep me updated for any other ideas ya'll come up with. - Ashley Henderson, Hensley, AR

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