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Territory Specialist Training. Who is Lifetime Learning? Lifetime Learning offers support and resources for people interested in going to or returning.

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1 Territory Specialist Training

2 Who is Lifetime Learning? Lifetime Learning offers support and resources for people interested in going to or returning to school. We put together a program to match individual goals – we have several University partners that provide the widest variety of degree programs for our students – Associate to Doctoral degrees Assist with application including the ordering of transcripts Financial assistance including the application for Financial Aid, scholarships, and grant information. Ordering of books First day of class walkthrough And more!

3 Who is Lifetime Learning? Over 35 years of experience in the education field School District relationships all over the country Strong relationships with our University partners

4 How do we work? Contact is made and an appointment is set with a school to have a representative speak to them about Lifetime Learning. An Education Associate will attend the event, provide information about Lifetime Learning, and gather contact forms from anyone interested in getting more information. The forms are sent back to the main office and distributed to our experienced Education Consultant Team who will contact them. All follow up is completed by our Education Consultant team.

5 Appointment Setter Expectations As appointment setters you are the first impression of Lifetime Learning! It is important that you are polite, courteous, and professional at all times.

6 What will you be doing? Calling schools in your designated calling areas. Make contact with the person responsible at the school who will be able to set the appointment. Principal Assistant Principal Secretary Union Rep NOTE: Some schools in our system already have this contact person entered and you will be able to ask for them directly, especially if we have set an appointment with them before.

7 Setting the Appointment Introduction – once contact is on the phone My name is ______, Im calling from Lifetime Learning and we would like to set up an event at your school either during lunch or at a faculty meeting to speak with the faculty and staff about furthering their education through online degree programs. If we did a previous event, mention when and that there was a good outcome We did an event at your school last semester (or last year) and we had a great following with your teachers and would like to come back this semester. If we did not do a previous event: We are visiting other schools in your district and would like to schedule an appointment at your school.

8 Important Points - Objections All of our teachers already have their Masters degree. - Pertains to paraprofessionals as well as educators We have doctoral degree programs as well Do you have district or vendor approval? If we have approval it will be on file and your supervisor will know if we already have it. If approval is needed – ask for the name and contact information for the person at the district office who we would need to contact. Pass this information on to your supervisor so that the process can get started Make note to follow up and contact the school once approval is received. We are a very small school. Ask to send them the flyer and have them send it out to their faculty and staff. If they receive a good response and the staff seems interested ask them to call you to set that appointment. We dont allow guests in our faculty meeting. OR We do not have a meeting scheduled. Let them know that we have other options for setting the appointments –before school, after school, during lunch.

9 Scheduling the Appointment Events can be scheduled for as little as 15 minutes - 2 hours. DO NOT EXCEED THE 2 HOUR TIME FRAME WITHOUT SUPERVISOR APPROVAL 15 minute events are typically for faculty meetings where the representative will speak briefly to the entire group. Events that are scheduled 30 minutes – 2 hours are set up for before school, after school, or during lunch. These are set up for the rep to speak with people individually.

10 Follow Up Send an email to the principal and the principals secretary immediately after first call regardless of response General email and flyer If you speak to someone: Give the information about Mind Streams If they need to ask the principal for the best time to schedule the event then ask when is the best time to call back. If they ask for a specific day for a return call make sure to contact them as requested. If they do not give a time to call back or do not request a specific time, call back within 5 days. If you call back and still no appointment is set, contact again in 5 days. If no appointment is set, extend contact to 10 days. If you leave a voice mail: If you dont get a return call in 3 days try and contact them again. If no return phone is received after 5 days, contact again.


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