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Forms, Forms and More Forms What to use and when? New Teacher Meeting October 15, 2008.

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1 Forms, Forms and More Forms What to use and when? New Teacher Meeting October 15, 2008

2 The Form Forum Copies of all of the most updated forms can be found in the front office of your school Please ask questions EARLY if you find difficulty or have questions while filling out the forms. There are different forms for different activities: –Professional development/conference –Professional Development reimbursement –Field trips –Tuition reimbursement All completed forms should be sent by pony to Doris Swearingen @ the SAO

3 Professional Development/Conference This form is on IVORY paper Please try to send request in 30 days before the conference date Principals must sign your forms and indicate whether or not you need a substitute Attach a copy of the brochure/flyer/program for Instructional Services to refer to YOU are responsible for registering and paying for the conference – DO NOT BILL THE SCHOOL DIVISION If multiple people are attending the conference from the same school, please try and carpool

4 Professional Development/Conference (cont.) When you figure mileage, it should be from your home school, not from your home Use a program like GoogleMaps to help figure out the approximate mileage Remember if you are going to a conference, you are also coming from a conference. Your mileage should be based on round-trip travel The reimbursable amount for mileage is 40.5 cents a mile.

5 Professional Development/Conference (cont.) Remember, the amounts that you put on the original request are estimates. If you approximate that your meal will cost $7 and it actually costs $8.50, you ask to be reimbursed for the $8.50 (include tax & tip) When you return from your conference, here are the items you need to submit for reimbursement: –Professional Development Expense Reimbursement Request (gray form) –Original approved request –Something that shows you paid for the conference Receipt from company Cancelled check Credit card statement – All receipts from your stay Hotel Restaurants

6 Professional Development/Conference (cont.) Please remember that when you are asking for reimbursements, the following will not be reimbursed: –Your afternoon Starbucks coffee –Alcohol at any meals –Movies in your hotel room –A 40% tip for an exceptionally good waitress –ETC.

7 Field Trips This form is on green paper Please remember to submit your request at least 30 days in advance of your trip It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange for the bus transportation for your trip. The Department of Instructional Services does not handle any of the transportation scheduling There is a place on the form for referencing related SOL. Please make sure that this trip is relevant to your curriculum Please speak with your principal about students who can not afford to pay for field trips

8 Tuition Reimbursement This three-page packet is on yellow paper Please submit the request 30 days before the start of the course Please submit a course description with your tuition form (especially if it is from an online university) If you have questions about classes and your license, please contact Debra Bowles at the School Administration Offices 524-3400 x 18 or

9 Tuition Reimbursement (continued) We receive most of our funds for tuition reimbursement from NCLB grants There are specific areas on the form to check how this course qualifies: –To achieve highly-qualified status –Instructional Strategies –Classroom Management –Technology –Subject Areas Only courses related to your job qualify for reimbursement. Any courses that you take for your own professional development are your responsibility (i.e. Thesis, Masters Project)

10 Tuition Reimbursement (continued) Tuition will be reimbursed for one course a semester for a maximum of $800. If you are taking 2 courses for $500 each, we only pay for one course, not $500 for one and $200 for the other Textbooks and miscellaneous fees are not covered by tuition assistance A grade of C or higher must be received in order to be reimbursed In order to receive reimbursement, the applicant must be under contract for the semester following the one in which the course was taken

11 Tuition Reimbursement (continued) When you complete your course, here are the items you need to submit for reimbursement: –Original approved request –Tuition Assistance Evaluation Form –Something that shows you paid for the course Receipt from the school Cancelled check Credit card statement –Grade report Official transcript Unofficial transcript *** Can not be an e-mail from instructor***

12 Who can answer my questions? Mentor Department/Grade Level chairperson Building Administrators Building Secretary Doris Swearingen, Instructional Secretary (524-3400 x 11) Kerry Robinson (524-3400 x 19) Debra Bowles, Personnel and Licensure Specialist (524-3400 x 18)

13 Questions??

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