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FANS Finding Auburn’s New Students. Introduction Welcome to FANS (Finding Auburn’s New Students) College recruiting is highly competitive, and with the.

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1 FANS Finding Auburn’s New Students

2 Introduction Welcome to FANS (Finding Auburn’s New Students) College recruiting is highly competitive, and with the assistance of alumni across the country, Auburn can expand awareness and interest among prospective students This presentation will provide you helpful information and training on how to be a FANS volunteer.

3 What can I do to help with University Recruitment? We want you to volunteer your time and efforts to: – Provide a local resource for inquiring students, applicants, and their families – Attend, host, or participate in recruitment events in your area – Report back to the Admissions office regarding information about your region

4 How do I volunteer? There are many different ways you can volunteer and recruit in your area: – Work at a College Fair – Host a Reception – Recommend a student, event, or program in your area – Attend an awards program to present a scholarship – Contact prospective students to share your Auburn experience

5 5 W’s of being a FANS Volunteer

6 5 W’s 1.WHAT do you want me to do? 2.WHEN do you want me to volunteer? 3.WHAT materials will you provide for me? 4.WHAT do I say to potential students? 5.WHO will know I’ve volunteered? Each of these steps apply to all of the volunteer opportunities available in the FANS Program

7 What do you want me to do? Work a College Fair What is a College Fair? A college fair is a gathering of representatives from many universities that allows students to learn a lot of information about different colleges at once College fairs come in several varieties. There are day programs, evening programs, district-wide events, national fairs, etc. Some fairs cater to high school seniors while others may allow any interested student to attend.

8 When do you want me to Volunteer? College Fair The Office of Recruitment receives notification of college fair (date, time, location) The office assesses the availability of a staff member to cover the event. – If a staff member can cover an event, it is added to their schedule of travel – If the program cannot be covered by staff, then the office of university recruitment will try to solicit you, a FANS volunteer to cover the program Upon locating a willing volunteer, the staff member contacts the host of the fair and relays information on who will be representing Auburn at the Program College fairs can take place year round, either in the morning or evening

9 What materials will you provide for me? College Fair The Admissions staff will work with alumnus with respect to shipping materials needed to cover the fair. Materials we will supply to you: – Business Cards for Territory Manager – Road Pieces: Comprehensive Info Packets to give to interested students – Scholarship Information sheets – Bookmarks – Volunteer FAQ Sheet: quick reference sheet of 10 most commonly asked questions

10 What materials will you provide for me? College Fair There will be a table reserved for Auburn. Upon arrival, many fairs have student helpers to assist with boxes and other materials that need to be transported to the reserved table. However, there are also programs for which this luxury is not included Tables should be set up no less than 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the program.

11 College Fair Table Example

12 What do I say to potential students? College Fair For the 2 hours or so that the fair is in progress, the display table serves as your office Whatever is placed on the table is “fair game” for students: pens, road pieces The most important factor is the interaction that the representative has with the prospective student.

13 How should I interact with Students? What you say can make or break whether or not the student remains/gains interest in Auburn University. It is important to provide essential information during this time. For the most part there are several pieces of information that a student will want to ascertain. We suggest FANS volunteers be able to answer these questions and when I doubt refer to the FAQ sheet.

14 Who will know I’ve volunteered? College Fair At the close of each college fair a summary report should be completed by the alumni representative. The summary should provide the Office of University Recruitment with the pros and cons of the event. – Such details as: turnout, approximate number of view books handed out (by box), was fair well organized, and finally a recommendation on whether or not Auburn should attend the event in the future. This should be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed.

15 What do you want me to do? Attend a High School Awards Program A High School Awards Program is hosted by the school and is held to recognize all of the students who have received Scholarships The FANS volunteer will attend the award program as the Auburn Representative and present the award to the deserving students who have received a freshman, general, or departmental scholarship

16 When do you want me to Volunteer? Awards Program Awards programs are held in April and May Alumnus will be asked to attend an Awards Program in the event that someone from the Admissions office can not attend.

17 What materials will you provide for me? Awards Program We will send the scholarship certificates to the school that is hosting the awards program. They will pass them on to you the day of the ceremony. You will be provided a script for the presentation of the scholarship

18 What do I say to potential students? Awards Program These students have committed to attend Auburn University. Please congratulate them and shake their hand when you present them with the award. Make sure they know how excited we are they have chosen to attend Auburn University.

19 Who will know I’ve volunteered? Awards Ceremony After the awards ceremony, please contact the admissions office via email notifying us that the scholarship was successfully presented

20 What do you want me to do? Contact Calls/Handwritten notes Volunteers are asked to call/write students from their area who have shown a high degree of interest in Auburn, who have visited Auburn, or have been Accepted to Auburn. The goal of these calls is to make contact with the student and encourage them to visit campus, answer questions they may have about Auburn, and ultimately encourage them to apply to or to attend Auburn. – More than 1 contact with the same student may be made as their interest in or application status changes

21 When do you want me to volunteer? Contact Calls/Handwritten notes Contacting potential students can occur year round, but many of the calls /notes will occur when admissions decisions have been made and scholarships have been offered – Acceptance letters are mailed beginning in October – Scholarships are awarded in December

22 What materials will you provide for me? Contact Calls/Handwritten notes We will provide to you – Contact information for students in your area – Talking Points – Deadlines for when these calls/notes need to be completed

23 Who will know I’ve volunteered? Contact Calls/Handwritten notes Please send an email notifying the admissions office that the calls/notes have been completed This email should also contain information on the call and the volunteer should comment on the interest of the student

24 What do you want me to do? Host a Reception The Admissions Staff plans receptions every year. The purpose of Fall receptions is to encourage students to apply. Spring Receptions are for admitted students who are deciding which college to attend.

25 Conclusion The obvious goal of the whole recruitment cycle is to attract and enroll the nations finest students. The assistance that Auburn Alumni provide is critical to the future success of Auburn University!

26 Have Fun! Assisting prospective students in their college selection process is a great deal of fun. It is a way of representing your alma mater. Meeting with prospective students and their families is an enjoyable experience. Knowing that you have some influence through the power of your words and your enthusiasm for Auburn is very rewarding. So relax, have a great time and… War Eagle!

27 Contact Information Office of Admissions & Recruitment The Quad Center, Auburn University, AL 36849

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