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An explanation of how UCEP students will locate and begin their Coop placements.

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1 An explanation of how UCEP students will locate and begin their Coop placements

2 During your interview your interests were recorded The Coop teachers have tried to “match” your interests with a supervisor (Professor) with whom we have worked before The Coop teachers will share information about this possible placement with the student to explain the potential opportunities Assuming your interests have not changed, the Coop teachers will make the initial contact with the supervisor/Prof to determine if taking on a student is a possibility this term Once the Coop teacher hears back from the Supervisor/Prof, we will inform the UCEP student of next steps…

3 Once the UCEP student has been informed by the Coop Teacher that the supervisor is willing to work with UCEP… The Coop student will send and email to the supervisor requesting an interview The email request will cc: the Coop teacher The email request will include an attachment of your Resume and Cover Letter The email request for an interview may look something like this…

4 Subject : Request for a Coop Interview – UCEP Cc : _________ ____________ Hello Dr. ___________________, My name is ____________ ________________, I am a student with the University Cooperative Education Program (UCEP). My Coop teacher, Mr. __________, passed along that you would be willing to interview me for a Coop position. I wanted to request a time, at your earliest convenience, when we could meet. I am available Monday and Wednesday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday morning, and Friday, between 9:00-11:00am and 1:00-3:00pm. Please let me know if we would be meeting in a different location than your office, so I know where to go. I have attached a cover letter and resume to this email, and will also bring a hard copy of both to the interview. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to discuss a Coop placement under your supervision. I look forward to meeting you. _____________ ___________________

5 UCEP students will wait at least 48 “business” hours before worrying about why they have not received a response to their request After 48-72 business hours without a reply, the UCEP student may want to try phoning the supervisor and leaving a message to check reception of the email After waiting another 48 business hours without a response, the UCEP student will re-email (still cc: Coop teacher) the supervisor for a second time Despite your best intentions we sometimes have to learn the art of patience… We also have to learn how to provide gentle reminders to supervisors sometimes… it may sound something like this…

6 Subject : Coop Interview – UCEP Cc : ___________________ _______________ Hello Dr. _________________________, Hope all is well. I just wanted to touch base around the email I sent two/three days ago (Sept. ____), requesting an interview time with you to discuss a Coop placement. I realize this is a busy time in the term with classes getting started, but just wanted to inquire if you would have some time in the next week where we might be able to meet. My previous email included an attachment of my cover letter and resume. Thank you again for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon. _______________ ___________________

7 If the better part of a “work week” has gone by and the student has not heard from their potential supervisor… …the Coop teacher may initiate a secondary contact placement opportunity Even though we are feeling anxious as other students have begun setting interview appointments or attending interviews… … we must honour the process again and wait the 48-72 hours before following up. Eventually a supervisor will contact you for an interview

8 Once a supervisor contacts you with an interview time you need to promptly respond (with 24 working hours – ideally less) If the interview time suits your schedule, agree to the interview and confirm in your response the location (likely the office of the supervisor – but that is why we confirm) If the interview time conflict with your University class – it would be reasonable to explain this and suggest coming immediately before or after class If the interview time conflicts with a high school class, consider speaking with the high school teacher permission to miss/be late for class to attend an interview DO NOT MISS YOUR INTERVIEW TIME!!!

9 At your interview be sure to bring a hard copy of your resume and cover letter… … as well as the WEA (Work Education Agreement)… get this signed by the supervisor!... You should have a means to make notes during your interview in order to record next steps, meetings or other information If you have questions during your interview… be sure to ask them. Do not leave your interview without knowing what the next steps… when are you meeting again? Attending an orientation? Will the Supervisor email you a project?

10 Some end of interview scenarios… The supervisor provides you with clear and concrete directions of what is next The supervisor makes a comment such as “I’m going to have to think about what you will be doing” If the supervisor is tentative or unsure of “next steps” suggest that you will be in contact with them 72 hours later (trust us, you want to avoid uncertainty of next steps) You should contact your Coop teacher after the interview and be able to inform him of how the interview went and what the next step is

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