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A Guide to Hosting Visitors at Linked Learning Pathways [DATE] [NAME, ORGANIZATION]

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1 A Guide to Hosting Visitors at Linked Learning Pathways [DATE] [NAME, ORGANIZATION]

2 Agenda Goal of School Visits Preparation Setting the Schedule Hosting Visitors After the Visit Questions and Discussion

3 Goal of School Visits

4 Expose visitors to Linked Learning in action Build support for Linked Learning Build relationships and partnerships Help professionals feel comfortable engaging in a school environment

5 Before the School Visit

6 Making Guests Feel Welcome Send visitors directions in advance, including special notes on parking if needed Pre-arrange parking, and reserve space(s) Alert the appropriate staff of the scheduled visit Respect their time Represent your school professionally

7 Preparing for a Visit Contact your visitor to invite them Set up a day and time, and ask by what time your visitor needs to leave the school Plan a manageable and engaging schedule Identify teacher and student ambassadors Ask about any necessary accommodations for disabilities or other needs

8 Plan the Itinerary SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES Meeting to provide introduction to Linked Learning Tour the facilities Speak to a class about career paths Attend a school assembly Observe a class Group activity Project presentations Meet with teachers and/or students

9 Setting the Schedule

10 Schedule of Activities Stay flexible! Plans can change, have a back up Put your best foot forward You know your school or classroom best! Start and end on time

11 Hosting School Visitors

12 The School Visit WELCOMING VISITORS Inform appropriate office staff of visitors so that visitors will feel welcome and be greeted by name Prep student and teacher ambassadors to greet visitors with a smile and handshake Provide clear directions of where to go Provide information on designated parking, seats, faculty bathrooms, etc.

13 The School Visit DURING THE VISIT Make sure people know your guests so they feel welcome Help address their needs Guide the visit, but let them lead Answer their questions Smile and be positive Thank them for visiting

14 After the School Visit

15 Following Up THANK YOU NOTE OR EMAIL If possible, send a hand-written note to show extra care Make specific mentions of the school visit Include additional information and factsheets Outline clear next steps, such as “become a mentor for a class project,” or “host a field trip”

16 Questions?

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