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Introduction to Unmanned Vehicles March 22, 2014 Darien Mens Association.

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1 Introduction to Unmanned Vehicles March 22, 2014 Darien Mens Association

2 Modern UAV Introduction by PBS 2:00 – 8:58

3 Reporting for Duty 1968

4 USS Mansfield

5 QH-50 DASH and Snoopy on the USS Mansfield South China Sea 1968

6 Types of UAVs Target and Decoy Reconnaissance Combat Research and Development Civil and Commercial

7 Benefits Eliminate a person in the cockpit Inexpensive compared to manned missions Endurance Precision Elusive Layers of Oversight

8 Hewitt Sperry Automatic Airplane (1 st Cruise Missile)

9 Royal Navys Queen Bee

10 AQM-1 Ryan Firebee

11 Israeli Scout circa 1970s

12 MQ-9 Reaper

13 Predator and Hellfire Missile

14 US Army RQ-11 Raven

15 Optical Developments /watch?v=BBfSbdAC-3k

16 Sikorsky Unmanned Blackhawks

17 Boeing

18 Drawbacks to Drones Air-space (FAA will regulate in 2015) Accidents Loss of Control Too Much Information Too easy to go to war Due Process Privacy

19 FAA Test Sites University of Alaska: Intends to develop standards for categories of unmanned aircraft and conduct research on principles of future drone operations. State of Nevada: Plans to focus on certification requirements for remotely controlled aircraft, and how they will fit into the nation's air-traffic-control system. New York's Griffiss International Airport: Will work on sensors to prevent airborne collisions, in addition to research on integrating drones into congested airspace. North Dakota Department of Commerce: Plans to develop highly reliable communications links between ground controllers and drones. Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi: Will concentrate on developing tests to certify airworthiness of future unmanned aerial systems. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: With Rutgers University, intends to conduct research on failure modes and technical risks associated with drones.

20 Militants, Poachers and Pirates

21 Inexpensive Drones help Police and Fire Departments ayer_embedded&v=qQLnhL_bMcs ayer_embedded&v=qQLnhL_bMcs

22 Model Police Drone

23 RCMP Zenon Draganfly

24 Record Setter over the Alps

25 Insect Drone

26 1.5 LB Drone Used for Land Mapping

27 Smart Phone Controlled Helicopter

28 Do It Yourself r-E r-E

29 Under Water Started as Mine detectors. Grew into a hobby. Small companies dominate. Electronic communications is difficult in salt water.

30 New Applications drones-make-a-splash/343C93C5-8D89- 4C28-A455- DD4E32C65730.html#!343C93C5-8D89- 4C28-A455-DD4E32C65730 drones-make-a-splash/343C93C5-8D89- 4C28-A455- DD4E32C65730.html#!343C93C5-8D89- 4C28-A455-DD4E32C65730

31 $3,000 DeepTrekker

32 Boeings unmanned underwater effort ml?cm_ven=Paid+Search+Google&cm_cat=Innovation&cm_ pla=Aviation&cm_ite=UAV+EchoRanger

33 What is the most widely used attack drone WSJ Video 4CD9-4052-8360-A7D46470C20F.html#!506559CD-4CD9-4052-8360- A7D46470C20F

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