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Avionics. jobs

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1 Avionics

2 jobs






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10 The mission of the FAA is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

11 The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

12 The FCC and FAA do not currently offer a "Avionics Technician License." What the FCC does offer is the(GROL) "The General Radiotelephone Operators License." The (GROL) also authorizes you to oversee unlicensed technicians as they perform radio and radar repair. You are not required to attend an Avionics Technical School to participate in the FCC examinations or to gain employment as an avionics technician.

13 General Radiotelephone Operator License Is required to adjust, maintain, or internally repair FCC licensed radiotelephone transmitters in the aviation, maritime, and international fixed public radio services.


15 United Airlines and Continental Deploying 11,000 iPad as Pilot Electronic Flight Bag [EFB]

16 ECTRONIC FLIGHT BAGS (EFB) AC 120-76A provides guidance for the certification, airworthiness, and operational approval of electronic flight bag (EFB) computing devices. Three distinct classes of EFB hardware devices are defined according to their relative integration with onboard resources such as electric power, data connectivity, and mounting.

17 EFB Class I Class 1 hardware are portable COTS [Commercial Off The Shelf] laptop or pen tablet computers with software applications. Class 1 do not require certification, but they must be stowed for takeoff and landing.

18 EFB Class I

19 EFB Class II Class 2 hardware are semi-permanent in that they can dock with a certified crashworthy mount, can be powered all of the time and can tap into noncritical aircraft systems, allowing for cabin video displays, or links to an onboard file server.

20 EFB Class II

21 Class 3 hardware is an installed piece of avionics that is part of an amended type certificate and, therefore, must satisfy all applicable regulations and policy.


23 Previous weather detection.

24 Current weather detection.

25 ADS-B Automatic Dependant Survailance- Broadcast


27 RQ 11B Raven

28 BAE Silver Fox

29 MD4-1000

30 LSI Amber



33 November 13, 2014 WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a million small drone aircraft have been sold in the past few years, and a growing number of them are turning up in the skies near airports and airliners, posing a risk of collision. Reports of drone sightings near other planes, helicopters and airfields are reaching the government almost daily, say federal and industry officials.

34 November 13, 2014 ……. The reports underscore the difficulty the FAA faces trying to control drones, which could cause a crash if one collided with a plane. Small drones usually aren't visible on radar to air traffic controllers, particularly if they're made of plastic or other composites.

35 Transponder Transmitter Responder XPDR

36 Transponder Pressing the IDENT button causes that aircraft’s “blip” on the air traffic controller’s radar scope to “bloom”. Mode A transmits ID information Mode C altitude information. Mode S Requests a specific aircraft to respond which reduces system clutter.

37 TCAS Textbook page 149

38 Why not a Transponder code for UAVs? Current codes: 1200 Aircraft operating VFR. 7500 for Hijack. 7600 for loss of communications. 7700 for Emergency. 7777 for Military Interceptor.

39 Report: FAA Will Require You to Have a Pilot License to Fly a Drone The Wall Street Journal reports that the FAA will require commercial drone operators to have a pilot's license and restrict flight times to daylight hours. The new rules will also limit flights to the pilot's line of sight and altitude to 400-feet. The really bad news is that these rules won't just apply for big Predator-sized drones. They'll apply to any unmanned aircraft under 55 pounds.


41 787 IFE Test



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