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EMS ROMC Environment monitoring system for ROMC..

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1 EMS ROMC Environment monitoring system for ROMC.

2 Applying system Applying system Supervisory control of engineering infrastructure Data center Mobile switching center (MSC) Operating management center(OMC), (ROMC) Any other place of computing and communications equipment

3 FunctionalityFunctionality Control and monitoring of climatic parameters – temperature and humidity Control and monitoring of environmental parameters – fumes and dust Door opening, smokescreen and water leak alarms Process and fault signaling, forming messages about excess values of regulated controlling parameters

4 Surveillance in the premises, videos fixation with long-term storage Control, management and monitoring guaranteed and backup systems power Control system power Controlling access to premises and individual rack units FunctionalityFunctionality

5 Health-monitoring Fault manager system Forming SMS and sending e-mail to designated staff Administration and audit users Inventory management system FunctionalityFunctionality

6 Server with the program EMS NC PVS LX controller User program EMS AV Service program Components of the system

7 ArchitectureArchitecture

8 Sensors and system equipment

9 PVS LX controller Computer: CPU ARM9 544 MHz; DRAM 128 MB; Flash 32 MB Interfaces: 1x LAN, 1x WAN Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (RJ45); 5 Serial RS-232/RS485/С2; 2x USB 2.0; 1x 1-Wire; 16 x 3-level digital inputs; 2x outputs relay contacts Temperature: -20 ℃~ +55 ℃ Supply: 48V or 24V DC or 220V AC Form factor: 1U rack Hardware specifications:

10 OS: Linux Kernel Version: 2.6.27 Network protocols: TCP, UDP, IPv4, SNMP(v1,v2), ICMP, ARP, SSH, DHCP, Telnet, FTP, PPP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMS, SMTP, SSL Transfer protocols: RS232/RS485/С1, Modbus over TCP/ІР Telecontrol protocol: IEC 60870-5-104 Electrical meter protocol: IEC 61107, IEC 1142, IEC 61334 (DLMS/COSEM) Security data: Secure Real COM, Secure TCP Server, Secure TCP Client и Secure Pair Connection Software and protocols: PVS LX controller

11 Measuring and monitoring of temperature and humidity Playback profiles with graph plotting Self/distance on/off coolers/heaters Remote control and diagnostic of air conditioning system Generating alarm messages in excess of limits Climate control system

12 Alarm system Tracking the signal of digital inputs alarms and fireproof, backup power system etc. Forming alarm messages to designated staff and external information processing system events FMS Alarm system administration

13 CCTV system Simultaneous CCTV many different points or areas on a single monitor with the ability to track movement in the frame Distributed video surveillance with the ability to view the recordings at any time for analysis Video by motion detectors Synchronic alarm signals tracking

14 Electric power metering system Automatic data collection of technological and commercial accounting of power consumption Accumulation parameters of accounting (processing, storage in a database, documentation) Control of electrical parameters at the interval (current, voltage, соs ϕ, frequency)

15 Energy accounting system Calculation of average energy consumption in view of losses Providing multiple-zonal metering of electric energy Accounting and support agreements with energy supplying organization Generating reports of energy consumption (daily, monthly, annual) Providing control over limits energy

16 Fault manager system Control availability and fixing the lack of communication with controllers and with the equipment connected to it Fixation the alarm messages Forming alarm messages to designated staff and external information processing system events FMS

17 User permission editor User registration system Providing access rights to the system, separate objects and components Registration of user actions

18 Creating and editing reports Create and save a report Automatic filing of data processed by the system Print and export to other forms of reports

19 Inventory management Accounting system hardware ROMС and connected devices Automatic inventory of equipment for a set period of time The replacement equipment registration

20 The control and management of power supply systems The control and management of power supply systems Remote control of parameters Changing the settings Testing battery Diagnostics of power supply systems

21 Backup power generator Control & monitoring Backup power generator Control & monitoring Remote start/stop the generator Remote on/off the load Control of voltage, current, frequency, battery voltage Control of temperature, level and oil pressure Control of fuel level, condition, and operating time

22 Air conditioner remote control Control of environmental parameters Remote control and diagnostic Parameters setting Analysis and diagnostic of cooling efficiency

23 Free Cooler Remote control and parameters setting Setting the operating temperature limits inside the container Inside/outside temperature control On/off cooler/heater Switching to emergency cooling Emergency processing

24 Conformity declaration

25 9, Ivan Franko str, 79005 Lviv, UKRAINE tel./fax: +38 032 235 8287 9, Ivan Franko str, 79005 Lviv, UKRAINE tel./fax: +38 032 235 8287

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