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Digital Energy Communications GE MDS Communications Network for AMI.

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1 Digital Energy Communications GE MDS Communications Network for AMI

2 Protection & Control Multilin Relays, Controllers, Meters, Fault Recorders Communications Wireless & Optical Network MDS, Lentronics Power Quality Auto-Transfer Switches, UPS, Paralleling Switchgear, TVSS Zenith Power Sensing CTs, PTs, VTs, Test Switches and Control Switches ITI

3 Smart Grid Electricity Advisory Committee Interoperability & Cyber Security Industrial Control Systems WG BOREAS Cyber Security WG Board of Directors Interoperability WG Implementation WG Legislative and Policy WG State Legislative and Policy WG Home 2 Grid (H2G) WG Business and Policy (BnP) Smart Grid Task Force Home Plug Alliance Activities in Smart Grid Standards Board of Directors Power & Energy Society (PES) Past President PES Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee Power System Relaying Committee Interoperability Standards P2030 Smart Networks Council Smart Grid Task Force Technology Smart Grid Task Force Policy Smart Grid Task Force Standards Energy Storage Council Smart Grid Strategic Group 3 US Principle US TAG US National Committee (USNC) VP, Technical Activities Study Committees Advanced Metering Infrastructure NERC

4 GE Digital Energy Communications Our Business MDS Rochester, New York Lentronics – Burnaby, British Columbia GE Digital Energy is a GE Company, one of the largest US corporations Financially sound, very profitable, and strong credit rating Low risk option, proven track record Our Commitment To our Utility Customers Corporate alignment and focus of Smart Grid Application focused Industrial and Substation hardened, secure and reliable solutions Our Solutions Industrial Wireless Fiber Multiplexers Industrial Switches Network Management Professional Services Our Experience Over two-million devices installed worldwide Field proven to Utilities World-Wide 75 of the top 100 Utilities rely on GE MDS for mission-critical

5 GEDE Smart Grid Communication Solutions Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Neighborhood Area Network Mercury 3650 - Industrial WiMax at 3.65GHz iNET - High Speed, Long Range Wireless WiYZ – Intelligent Wireless Data Acquisition Network Management & Operation Services 24 x 7 NOC Hosted/Managed Solutions Backhaul Networks – Microwave Backhaul & Fiber Backbone Solutions Multiplexers – T1/SONET/SDH fiber multiplexers, substation hardened, ring topologies, 3ms protection switching Intrepid – High-capacity, microwave, licensed and unlicensed Wireless Wide Area Networks - Substation LAN & Distribution Automation Radios: Offering a variety of radios, both licensed and unlicensed, in a variety of frequencies DGT - Wireless fast transfer trip MultiLink - Hardened Ethernet switches MultilinkMercury 3650 Multilink Intrepid DGT JungleMUX Mercury 3650 Hydro-Electric Generation Transmission Substation Distribution Substation Residential AMI SONET/SDH Network Wireless Backhaul Control Center Mobile Data Networks Mercury 900 - High Speed, Long Range Wireless Middleware – Mobility software solutions

6 Digital Energy’s MDS Mercury provides the wireless communications for AMI Long distance, high speed, 2-way communications using WiMAX technology at 3.65GHz Secure data handling through data encryption and user authentication Network Management using PulseNET Smart Grid Communications Serves more than 2.5 Million customers Collects concentrated meter data and transmits to data center Enables WiMAX wireless network for Smart Grid Customer Highlight | wireless smart metering Residential Metering Data Remote Access Point MDS Mercury 3650 Utility Data Center

7 Goals and Assumptions Goal: Create a backhaul network from Itron Cell Relay Nodes to CMP substations Assumptions: Assume there are approximately 1,565 Itron CRNs Assume there are approximately 1,500 DA/SCADA devices Assume that there are 280 substations that can be used as network infrastructure Assume a height of 100 ft. for installing antennas at substations Assume a height of 30 ft. for installing remotes at CRNs (poles) Actions: How do we deliver coverage (range), speed (data rates), reliability (strong signals)? How do we make the infrastructure manageable? i.e. cost efficient, secure, easy to deploy and easy to manage

8 Metering/Neighborhood LAN Home/business to collection point Wireless Wide Area Network Pole to collection point Backbone Network Infrastructure Backhaul from collection point to operations Intrepid HC JungleMUX Meter Collection Point Mercury 3650 Fixed Remote Meter Collection GE MDS WAN Mercury 3650 Access Point Collection Point Collection Point Mercury 3650 Fixed Remote Meter Collection GE MDS WAN Mercury 3650 Access Point Collection Point Intrepid HC JungleMUX Utility Fiber- Optic & Wireless Backhaul Network Architecture GE Wireless Backhaul

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