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Welcome to Glenn Stephens PTO meeting. Agenda Welcome PTO Board overview -Board introductions & Board positions openings Principal report Stephens overview.

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1 Welcome to Glenn Stephens PTO meeting

2 Agenda Welcome PTO Board overview -Board introductions & Board positions openings Principal report Stephens overview Fundraiser/Grants/Endowment

3 On the way to school… 8 buses going to/from Stephens Orange- Junction Rd area Brown/Green/ Gold- Valley Ridge Pink/Red – Wexford Neighborhood Silver/Yellow- Allied Drive Neighborhood

4 Fearless Crossing Guard! This year we have a new crossing guard. Her name is Jay Narayanaswamy … I think we will call her Ms. Jay!

5 Front Office- Dena and Marci Dena is camera shy!

6 Keeping School Clean Jim, Russ & Summer

7 Fundraisers Chip Shoppe- Starts Sept-Pick up at teacher conferences. Last year earned $3500. WI Homegrown- starts October-pick up early Dec. Last year earned $1200 T-shirt sales- Coming up…Last year earned $1450 Fun Fair- March- Last year earned $5500 Original Artwork-April- last year earned $2000 Cash Donations- year long-$1700

8 PTO Budget Student events:Fall movie night, spring Dance, Science Night & Talent Show Field Trips Hospitality-K coffee, teacher in-service lunch- Teacher appreciation Academic events- Geography & Spelling, chess club, Math Olympiad Misc PTO expenses- see full budget handout

9 Grants Since 2009, weve written and/or assisted with at least 6 grants and received the following for GlennStephens: --About$5,000 from the Berbee Educational Technology Fund for mobile presentationstations --About$2,000 from Altrusa Madison to buy new titles for the book room --About$3,000 from Evjue for fidget kits for each class room --About$5,000 from Berbee Educational Technology Fund for electronic white boards

10 Question: What do you do if you have to pick up your child during the school day? Answer: Send a note to your teacher the morning of, if you know in advance. or Call the school to advice them of your plan to prepare your child and their teacher.

11 Question If I am picking up my child, can I pick them up from their classroom? Answer: No. Go to the front office and they will call your childs teacher to let them know you are waiting.

12 Question Where do you park during the school day to avoid getting a ticket? Answer: Park on the east side of Rosa road, look out for the bus stop right before Stadium Drive. No parking in front of school from 7 - 4:30. Careful to not block driveways or garbage cans!

13 Question I am coming in to volunteer at school, do I need to check in anywhere? Answer: Yes, there is a sign-in sheet in the front office for volunteers. Please sign out when you leave. In addition if you are leaving with your child please sign them out in the binder next to the volunteer sign-in sheet.

14 Question Why is there a security system and how does it work? Answer: All MMSD elementary schools have added security systems this year as part of their safety plan. -To enter when doors are locked, push button at front door and you will be buzzed in.

15 Question What should I do if my child wakes up sick? Answer: Call the Safe Arrival number (608-204-1908). If you dont call and leave a message, Dena or Marci will call you!!!!

16 Question We will be going out of town and my child will miss school. Do I have to tell anyone? Answer: Your childs teacher would probably appreciate a note stating days that you will be gone. Also, in the front office there is a form that you need to fill out and give back to the secretaries.

17 Question How long can my child keep their library book before it is due back? Answer: Students are able to check out and return books each week when their class goes to their scheduled library time.

18 Question My child is riding the bus home with a friend after school. Do I need to write a note? Answer: Yes. Please write a note allowing your child to go home with their friend and include the bus color. Show the note to the teacher and give to bus driver.

19 Question I would like to contact my childs teacher. What is the best way to contact him/her? Answer: Each teacher has a classroom telephone. During the day that telephone number will go through the front office first. If it is an emergency let the front desk person know, otherwise they will send you to the teachers voice mail. Email is available as well. All info is on the MMSD website.

20 Question Are there PTO meetings every month? Answer: Other than December there is a PTO meeting the 2 nd Tuesday of every month. To maximize attendance we are trying to attract many parents to 2 key meetings. October and April. You are welcome to come to the PTO meetings each month, but they are a little more functional than fun!

21 Any other Questions???

22 BIG PTO MEETING October 9 th 6:30-8:00 Childcare provided Look for more details to come…

23 Thanks for coming and investing in your childs school!

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