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Engineering “All-Hands” Meeting W. Oren January 16, 2014.

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1 Engineering “All-Hands” Meeting W. Oren January 16, 2014

2 Yesterday’s Action Yesterday the lab enacted a reduction in staff to align its workforce with current and future mission requirements. Those requirements are dominated by operations of CEBAF for physics at 12 GeV. The restructuring is based on the lab’s understanding of DOE’s intent, in terms of support (“long-term budget”) for this program. The lab’s “Work for Others” portfolio was also a component in the planning for yesterday’s actions. In that context the FEL capability will be retained. These changes are challenging for all involved and we depend on the support of everyone to successfully go forward.

3 Personal Impact For those who left yesterday and those of us who remain this is painful and emotional. –For those who left, the lab has provided resources Severance package EAP assistance 3 months of service from an out placement firm Many contacts for help & advice –For those who remain EAP is available My door is open – stop in! I will be walking around more than normal, stop me for a talk Patience & understanding is the order of the day

4 Organizational Changes Engineering Division: –Generally a decrease in staffing levels & shifting of duties –Grouping of technical support for Installation, Vacuum & Magnet Test similar to the 12 GeV installation era Elsewhere: –Physics: Fairly significant shift in organization so we may need to learn new interface points –Accelerator: Generally interface points stay the same –ESH&Q: Safety contacts remain the same –Facilities: Recently announced reorg to Engineering and Operations branches

5 FEL Welcome to the Engineering Division The FEL “capability” has been absorbed into the Accelerator and Engineering Divisions. Activities in that area will be dealt with like any other project or experiment within those Divisions. FEL folks – If you have questions, come to see me.

6 Beam Operations Schedule - Nominal From Arne’s schedule: Beam to 1R1/15 – 1/21 Beam to S. Linac1/21 – 1/22 Beam to 2R & 2.2 GeV1/22 – 1/30 SAD2/6 – 3/4 3-pass Spin-up & Hall A3/4 – 3/28 SAD4/4 – 4/11 5.5-pass Spin-up4/11 – 5/2 Power Meter Read 5/6 Alterations as effects of yesterday are understood and to reflect actual progress.

7 Safety Last few days, weeks and months have been stressful and tense. There have been plenty of distractions. Thank you for your efforts to stay focused, plan your work and most of all work safely! However, we aren’t the same people today as we were on Tuesday. –We’ve lost some colleagues –In some cases the lab’s structure has changed So there are more distractions until we understand new lines of communication, work out new assignments and process our new circumstances.

8 Safety So…. – “Take 5” before each job in the next few days –Do thorough walk downs –Review the hazards –Ask yourself “what could happen if” –Do you have the proper tools and training –Have you documented your work planning where required? If you find yourself too distracted to focus – stop and collect your thoughts. EAP is there if needed.

9 Conclusion Questions? If not: My door is open – stop by I’ll be walking around – ask questions

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