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Electric Bus Management System

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1 Electric Bus Management System
Project Proposal William Chow, Amer Al-Mousa, Osama Mohammed

2 Electric Bus Management System
Project Overview Managerial Process Plans Technical Process Questions

3 Project Overview Problem Outline Purpose, Scope, and Objectives
Constraints Project Deliverables

4 Problem Outline Public transportation faces problems with pollution and high fuel prices. Currently no electric bus made by any North American manufacturer.

5 Purpose The purpose of this project is to provide a flexible control system. The system will provide an easy interface to add new electrical hardware. Provide a GUI for the control system.

6 Scope The scope of this project is only to provide a software control system. The software control system will also be modular, so future software engineer students may add more features.

7 Objective Provide a software foundation for later software engineering students to build upon. Provide a working software control system for the electrical hardware supplied.

8 Constraints The major Constraint is with how much hardware Electrodynamics is supplying. No battery provided at this point.

9 Project Deliverables Deliverable Due Date Project Proposal October 9th
Project Proposal Presentation October 16th Progress Report January 8th Progress Report Presentation January 15th Final Report Draft March 15th Final Report March 29th Final Presentation April 7th

10 Managerial Process Plans
Start-up Plan Estimation Plan Staffing Plan Resource Acquisition Plan Project Staff Training Plan Work Plan Deliverables (Work Activities) Schedule Allocation Control Plan Requirement Control Plan Schedule Control Plan Quality Control Plan Reporting Plan

11 Start-up Plan Estimation Plan:
Formal techniques and tools will be used estimate, track and evaluate the progress of the project (Rational Team Concert) RTC Top-down approach is used to identify deliverables, sub-deliverables, up to the task level Deliverables are grouped into a Work Breakdown Structure WBS Tasks are implemented in a time-boxed iterations-sprint (2-4 weeks) The progress of each task and its work package is tracked using automated project management tools

12 Start-up Plan - (Cont.) Staffing Plan: Resource Acquisition Plan:
Three of us should contribute equally into the project, and would be available for the whole duration of the project Resource Acquisition Plan: Any required resources, such as hardware, software, documentations, and any other type of resources, should be supplied by the client Project Staff Training Plan: Educational sessions

13 Work Plan Deliverables (Work Activities): The Documentations
The Software development Documentations The Product Documentations The GUI sub-systems The Admin UI The Dashboard UI The Central Management System (CMS) Helper Systems Microcontrollers Microcontroller to control motor Microcontroller to simulate driver

14 Work Plan (Cont.) Initial WBS

15 Work Plan – (Cont.) Schedule Allocation:

16 Control Plan Requirement Control Plan Schedule Control Plan
We do not expect many changes in the requirements Changes are classified as a minor, or major changes Risks to be highlighted at the very beginning Schedule Control Plan Some of the deliverables have a fixed due dates and it should be respected Tasks are sized and implemented in their assigned sprints, otherwise remaining work is carried over to next sprint as a technical debt Planning tasks in short sprint is usually accurate

17 Control Plan – (Cont.) Quality Control Plan Reporting Plan
The over all system undergoes different type of verifications tests Every component has a Functional Verification Test Plan – FVT Design reviews, Test Plan reviews, and Code reviews Reporting Plan Tasks are placed in the sprint backlog, then assigned to team members Team members report their progress of their individual backlogs Automated tools are used for compute the sprint progress, and the over all progress

18 Technical Process Electric Bus Management System (EBMS)
Technical System Overview Tools and Programming Language Process Model

19 EBMS The Electric Bus Management System (EBMS) is a system designed to control electrical devices or systems of an electric bus or vehicle

20 EBMS Components EBMS composed of several subsystems
2 Different Software Systems Central Management System (CMS) GUI (Dashboard, Admin UI) 2 Microcontrollers Microcontroller to control Electric Motor Microcontroller to interface with a Mechanical Device used to simulate a bus driver

21 Devices Interacting with EBMS
Electric Motor (EBMS should be able to interact with any electrical device that can part of an electric bus) Mechanical Device that issues commands simulating a bus driver

22 GUI 2 displays Admin UI: simple console-like (Console Display) display to make it easy to add components to the system and print messages Dashboard UI: Resembles the Dashboard of a car

23 CMS Central component of the EBMS Updates Dashboard Display
Sends commands to electrical devices (through a microcontroller) Receives commands from the driver simulator Responds to commands issued through Admin UI

24 Microcontrollers They are programmable chips that are used to interact with electrical devices Device Specific CMS uses functions programmed into a microcontroller to communicate with an electrical device hooked up to the microcontroller.


26 EBMS Communications

27               Black Arrow: Function Call
              Blue Arrow: Response Message


29 Iterative & Incremental Life Cycle Model

30 Tools and Programming Languages
IDE used to help with programming lower layer (microcontrollers) Programming Languages Lower Layer: C Higher Layer: C++, Java, or C Sharp Hardware 2 microcontroller (for the electric motor and for simulating a driver) Server Machine – install CMS & GUI on it (or virtual server) Electric motor Network Protocol (to communicate with microcontrollers)

31 Electric Bus Management System
Project Overview Managerial Process Plans Technical Process Questions

32 Questions

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