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GUIDE FOR INCOMING STUDENTS 2010/2011. Welcome INVATION TO POLAND The Poland is a country in the very heart of Europe Poland is borders on Germany, the.

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2 Welcome

3 INVATION TO POLAND The Poland is a country in the very heart of Europe Poland is borders on Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Its northern border – runs along the Baltic Sea coast The capital city is Warsaw Poland has a moderate climate with both martime and continental elements Generally, in northern and western Poland the climate is predominartly martime, while the eastern part of the country has a distinctly continental climate with harsh winters and hotter drier summers

4 Katowice – the major city of Silesia You cannot get bored in Katowice The city vibrates with social, cultural, and first of all, night life Everybody will find something for themselves Katowice offers a lot to night life enthusiasts There are many places where the fun goes on till the morning Polish bars are commonly called pubs, although beside the name they have little in common with the traditional, English ones They are stylised after Irish or Scottish pubs, but each one has its own unique décor and atmosphere They serve exquisite beer and close when the last guest leaves, which means the fun can last until the early morning Dance lovers may have their fling in discos to the rhythms of techno, hip-hop or rock music

5 Silesian School of Economics and Language Silesian School of Economics and Languages in Katowice is the largest non-public higher school in Upper Silesia The School was awarded the title of the best non-public higher school in Upper Silesia by the Chapter of Polish Ranking of Higher schools announced by Rzeczpospolita and Perspektywy Silesian School of Economics and Languages has very rich educational facilities covering the area of 20 thousand square meters They comprise state of the art equipment of lecture rooms, computer work rooms and air- conditioned auditorium

6 Silesian School of Economics and Language The School facilities also include the Academic Computer Centre 500 desktops serving for educational and research purposes as well as 40 thousand volumes of the school library 15 thousand students are educated in these friendly conditions, at the faculties: Management and Marketing and Languages School offers bachelors, master graduation and complementary master graduation studies – intramural and extramural The school has a status of TELC/ICC examination centre and a British Council examination centre The students also have the possibility to obtain computer science certificates – ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

7 We have been closely cooperating with the: Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes University of Extremadura Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Universidad Sek Segovia Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha University of Aarhus, Institute of Business and Technology Fachhochschule Wurzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences Worms Universitaet Siegen Universitatea Din Oradea Maltepe University Fh Joanneum Gesellschaft Hochschule Bremerhaven Fachhochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein Stredocesky vysokoskolsky institut

8 GENERAL INFORMATION Name of the host institution Silesian School of Economics and Languages Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych w Katowicach Erasmus Institutional Code PL KATOWIC10 Adress International Office 12, Gallusa Street 40 – 594 Katowice Phone: + 48 32 20 79 228 Fax: + 48 32 20 79 228

9 ACCOMODATION Foreign students may find accommodation at the student hostel School offers single and double rooms, all with bathroom and some also with kitchen Kitchen, laundry, television rooms are for general use We offer a double room for one person Students who decide to stay in this kind of room will have to pay an extra charge The price for room include: accommodation, water, electricity and internet connection Even if you decide to come for spring semester we have to be informed about your accommodation requirements no later than 15th September! We have to book a room early otherwise we do not guarantee free rooms We do not offer any apartments to let. There is a possibility to let a flat through the estate agency and monthly rent is around 1500 PLN in the centre of Katowice The estate agency charge is equal to one month rent A student hostel is called a Dom Studenta Adress: 12, Ondraszka Street, 40-594 Katowice, Phone:+ 48323595803

10 COST OF LIVING Living expenses in Poland will vary according to personal requirements and standards. The required minimum is 300 – 350 PLN/month, excluding accommodation Approximate average prices of basic products: Loaf of bread: 3 zł Bottle of mineral water: 2 zł Cup of coffe: 5 zł Butter: 3,5 zł Beer: 5 zł Apples ( 1 kg): 3 zł Ham ( 1 kg): 25 zł Cheese ( 1 kg): 30 zł Milk ( 1 l): 2.5 zł Chocolate: 5 zł There is a University canteen for student where you can buy cheep dinner Otherwise there are many restaurants in Katowice, which vary in standard and thus prices as well There is however a very range of international cuisine

11 ORGANISATION OF ACADEMIC YEAR The academic year is divided into two terms The winter semester starts on the 1st of October and lasts until mid-January when the exam session starts The summer semester starts in mid February and lasts until the beginning of June There are short breaks at the end of December (from Christmas till New Year) and during Easter There is practically no teaching from mid-June to the end of September Public Holiday All Saints Day – 1 st November Independence Day – 11 th November Christmas Day – 25 th December Boxing Day – 26 th December New Years Day – 1 st January Easter Sunday – 4 th April State Holiday – 1 th May Constitution Day – 3 rd May Corpus Christi – 3 rd June Feast of the Assumption – 15 th August

12 HEALTH CARE AND INSURANCE The institution responsible for health care in Poland is the National Health Fund – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ) To get treatment by a general practitioner you should go to a doctor who has a contract with NFZ and show your European Health Insurance Card or a replacement certificate To get treatment by a specialist, such as an obstetrician, dentist, dermatologist, venerologist, oncologist, eye specialist or psychiatrist you dont need a referd. To go to any other specialist you need to go a general practitioner first In case of emergency call 999 or 112 Detailed information concerning health care in Poland can be found at:

13 LEGALIZATION OF STAY Students who are the citizens of the European Union or European Economic Area do not a visa when entering Poland However, for stays longer than 3 months, students should obtain a temporary residence permit at Silesian Voivodeship Office Documents required to obtain temporary residence permit: European Health Insurance Card Passport or other official document which confirms the personal date and enables entry to Poland (identity card) Confirmation or financial means (minimum 150 euro per month)- it is enough to have a photocopy of a credit card and statement written in Polish in which you declare that you have adequate money to stay in Poland without taking social benefits Confirmation of temporary registration issued by local government offices of the place of residence (registration for students staying at the student hostels will be done by hostels office) A letter form the Silesian School of Economics and Languages confirming studies within the LLP/Erasmus programme and the planned period of stay In addition, you have to fill in an application form, which is available at the Voivodeship Office

14 PUBLIC TRANSPORT Local transport in Katowice one reduce price ticket costs 1.20 zł, full price – 2.40 zł. However if you know you will be using the public transportation many times within the day or weekend you can buy more economical tickets, valid for a given period of time, eg.: 24 hours, 3 days, 30 days, 90 days More information are available at KZK GOP: Taxis Taxis are not difficult to find because of the many small taxi companies competing with each other, especially in the city area. We suggest not to take the taxi from the train and bus station, because they are far more expensive than from other companies. Phone number for the cheapest taxi companies in the area are for example: Radio Taxi - 9191; Halo Taxi - 96 29 How to get to the school By bus: From the main railway station in Katowice: stand nos. 10; the buses going along Mikołowska street ( the 3rd stop: Brynów, W. Pola Street; the landmark – the Wujek mine)

15 FREE EMERGENCY TELEPHONES Police: 997 Fire brigade: 998 Ambulance: 999 Calling from mobile dial: 112

16 DICTIONARY apteka – pharmacy bilety – tickets kantor – exchange na lewo – on the left na prawo – on the right poczta – post office szpital – hospital uwaga – attention! woda – water zakaz palenia – no smoking znaczki – stamps kino – cinema dzień dobry – good morning dobry wieczór – good evening do widzenia – goodbye dobranoc – good night dziękuję – thank you proszę – please jak masz na imię? – whats your name? Mam na imię… - My name is… Jak się masz? – how are you? Nie rozumiem – I dont understand Zajęcia – classes Egzamin – exam Podręcznik – textbook Biblioteka - library

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