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2 SHORT DESCRIPTION The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies is the oldest and most prestigious university of economics and business studies in Romania. It was founded in 1913 in Bucharest, and has become the largest higher education institute in Romania and one of the largest in South-Eastern Europe. It is located in the center of Bucharest and its campus is spread out along the center of the city, totaling 10 different buildings. The Academy has more than 46,000 students and is one of the most popular universities in Romania, with a number of around 34,000 new applications each year.

3 The University is situated in the heart of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, in Romana Square. Bucharest is the largest and most important city in Romania, with 2 million inhabitants, and has a significant cultural value, as the first official record of Bucharest dates from 1459. The facilities of the Academy of Economic Studies are modern and well equipped in order to follow international standards and ultimately support its students. The most important two main streets that meet at Romana Square are 'Lascar Catargiu' Boulevard, which runs northwest towards Victoriei Square, as well as the 'Magheru' boulevard, which runs southeast towards the University Square. The two streets also represent the route of the M2 subway line, thus the square is served by the 'Romana Square' metro station on 'Magheru' boulevard. Another important boulevard that runs through the square is the 'Dacia' boulevard, which runs roughly east-west. In addition, the Romana Square features a 'Capitoline Wolf' statue, a symbol of Latinity.

4 RANKING In September 2009 appeared the first study designed and made in Romania which aimed at ranking 84 Romanian universities. The study called “University ranking” was conducted by Kienbaum Management Consultants in cooperation with Capital magazine. The 35 participating companies/employers rated universities based on their experience with employees from certain universities according to educational content such as theory, practice-oriented education, language skills and international experience. Overall, the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest ranks seventh. In the ranking by educational content – theory ASE is on the 7 th place while regarding practice-orientation it is on the 8 th. Furthermore employers believe that ASE ranks 10 th regarding language skills acquired by students and 6 th regarding its international experience. In the ranking of all Economics Colleges in Romania, ASE was ranked on the 5 th place.

5 FACILITIES The school’s facilities include spacious lecture and seminar rooms, free wireless and easy access to information (modern libraries with a wide variety of books, two large computer laboratories with internet), available in the buildings downtown. For the out-of-town students the school offers numerous accommodation options in its modern student campuses. Students can also make use of the well equipped gym and fitness rooms situated in each campus area, which are available for them at a flexible schedule.

6 PARTNERSHIPS Enjoying a good reputation worldwide, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies has been in demand from overseas students for Bachelor's courses, Doctoral studies, Specialization, and Exchange Programmes. For Romania, for the Academy of Economic Studies in particular, the participation in the Community Socrates Programme has been an essential element in the improvement of higher education quality by encouraging cooperation among the educational institutes of participating countries. Erasmus, which is part of the Community SOCRATES Programme, supports the development of the European dimension of graduate and post-graduate studies, the programme covering all study subjects and areas. To that extent, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies has been involved in many international programmes on students’ mobility. Some of the partner universities of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies are to be found in Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Korea, Egypt, USA and Canada.

7 POLICY The Academy of Economic Studies (A.S.E.) is a professional community, a teaching institution with long history, and good reputation in the university circles. The university ethics code works as a moral contract between the employees and students – which contribute to A.S.Es growing prestige and on creating a study environment based on professional and social cooperation. To assure the professional development of each member A.S.E. promotes vales and principles created according to the evolution of knowledge under the Civil and State Legal code. The policy of A.S.E. expresses the ideals, principles and rules of professional ethics that the employees and students fallow. A.S.E.s fundamental ethics principles have their roots in A.S.E.s support of the democratic project and in the models proposed by A.S.E.s internal tradition. Many elements come together as the building blocs of A.S.E.s professional ethics code. Few of these elements are moral integrity, academic freedom, tolerance, equality, honesty and professional and civil responsibility.

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