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Ambassador Programme 2013 Ambassador Programme 2013 Universitat Jaume I International Students Information Informative session (date) (Ambassador’s name)

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1 Ambassador Programme 2013 Ambassador Programme 2013 Universitat Jaume I International Students Information Informative session (date) (Ambassador’s name) UJI Ambassador at (host University)

2 Practical information for international students Official languages Cost of living in Castelló Scholarships Accommodation Health Care Work in Spain Driving Licence Higher education in Spain. Legal requirements Visa Pre-registration procedures Student card International Relations Office (ORI) International mobility data

3 La Universitat Jaume IUniversitat Jaume I


5 Official languages The UJI’s mother tongue is Catalan, but both Catalan and Spanish are used in academic teaching, and students are free to choose which language they want to express themselves in. Overall, around 21% of undergraduate classes, 13% of master’s classes and 9% of PhD programme classes are in Catalan. Lectures in the master’s courses are usually in Spanish because many of our students are from overseas. Practical information for international students Teaching in English At least 5% of the teaching on all undergraduate degrees is in English. Three high performance student groups, called ARA, are taught in English in the degrees of Business, Engineering in Industrial Technologies and Psychology. Five master’s degrees are taught entirely in English.

6 Cost of living in Castelló A student’s expenses for a month are about 400 Euros, which includes accommodation and living expenses. Students can also take advantage of cut-price bus fares on public transport and cheaper prices in the campus refectories, plus many cultural and leisure services. Scholarships The UJI offers a programme of specific grants for those following master’s degree courses; another agreement, signed in collaboration with Banco Santander, is available exclusively to Latin American students. You should check the regularly updated scholarship programme at: Practical information for international students

7 Student flats and apartments In Spain, students very often share a flat. INFOCAMPUS at the University offers information about flats or rooms to let and flat-sharing through the Accommodation Directory. Accommodation with families (Family Programme) A convenient option designed for foreign students, which usually includes accommodation and meals, but also tends to be slightly more expensive. Solidarity Programmes -”Pisos solidaris” programme. Rent free in exchange for a few hours a week of voluntary social work. -”Viure i conviure” programme. Students share elderly citizens’ homes More information at: Accommodation Campus University Hall of Residence 250 single rooms on the University campus. Practical information for international students

8 Health care The UJI has a health centre available to the University community with a doctor, a psychologist and a nurse. Nevertheless, in order to receive full health care in Spain, students must have a European Health Card (EU citizens). Non-EU students must take out private health insurance that also covers hospital admission. The Social Security systems in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Morocco and Tunisia have a health care agreement with the Spanish Social Security for their citizens. More information at: Practical information for international students Before students leave their own countries, they should enquire about how to sign up for this health care cover while they are living in Spain More information at:

9 Work in Spain Master’s degree classes are usually taught in the evenings and at weekends, so students can work at the same time as they continue their education. Foreign students who come with student visas can work part-time in Spain, although restrictions have been introduced as a result of the current economic crisis. Driving licence You can drive in Spain for 6 months with a driving licence from your country of origin. After this time, you must exchange it for a Spanish one or pass the Spanish driving test. For further information, ask your consulate before you arrive. Practical information for international students


11 Visa ARE YOU COMING TO STUDY IN SPAIN? PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOU LEAVE: If you are coming to study or carry out research for more than 3 months, you will need a visa. How to get a visa: European Union citizens do not need a visa, but they must apply for a NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) for administrative purposes in Spain (opening a bank account, accessing health care, etc.) More information at: Students from countries outside the EU must apply for a visa at the Spanish consulate in their country, once they have pre-registered at the university. Higher education in Spain

12 Pre-registration (Phase 1: June-July / 2nd phase: July-September) Pre-registration is done using the on-line form at the website: Once the pre-registration details have been filled in, the form must be printed out and presented, together with the following documents: -Pre-registration application (online) -Photocopy or ID card/passport -Photocopy of accreditation of the studies that provide access to the Master programme (academic qualification and certificates). -Curriculum vitae Higher education in Spain

13 -Academic certificate with your average marks -Letter from the university where you studied indicating that your qualification entitles you to access a master’s degree course in your country If you need the letter of acceptance before pre-registration, you should contact the directors of the master’s degree you are interested in. Further information at: Once you have been admitted to the graduate programme of your choice, you can apply for a student visa at the Spanish Embassy in your home country. You will find more information on this and other legal procedures you must undertake before you come to Spain on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation website ( Higher education in Spain

14 Student card Once in Castelló, students must visit the foreign department of the Spanish Home Office during the first month of their stay in order to apply for a student card. This card has an identification number that you will need to move freely within the EU, receive health care, buy a mobile phone, open a bank account, etc. The card will be valid for the period of study and must be renewed after one year. More information at: Higher education in Spain


16 International Relations Office (ORI) The ORI is responsible for running and disseminating Spanish and international educational programmes, international double degrees and staff mobility. It also takes part in all the major international educational programmes of the European Union (Erasmus, Leonardo…), and the Spanish Government. The ORI runs an extensive reception and guidance scheme for incoming students to help them find their way around the university system, the campus, the town of Castelló and Spain. More information at: International Relations Office

17 International mobility data 400 students studying abroad through exchange programmes. 70 students and graduates on work placements at companies in Europe. 250 incoming exchange students from Europe and America. 675 foreign undergraduate students. 315 foreign master’s degree students 100 different nationalities. 23% of UJI graduates studying abroad through an exchange programme. International Relations Office

18 Additional information Graduate programmes, pre-registration and registration procedures Legal formalities for international students Practical information for living in Castellón/Spain UJI Ambassadors’ Network (optional) Contact (Ambassador’s name) e-mail

19 Thanks for your attention!

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