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0 LISTENING TO LEARN. 1 Listening To Learn Role Play 2.

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2 1 Listening To Learn

3 Role Play 2

4 3 Listening is… An essential part of communication Not taught in school A skill that can be learned

5 4 Why is Listening a Key Skill of Leadership? Listening is a primary means for connecting with other people

6 5 “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” —Stephen Covey

7 6 Effective Listening

8 7 Active Listening… Reflects back Rephrases and confirms Is nonjudgmental Strives to hear

9 8 Empathetic Listening… Is a sincere attempt to understand Pays attention to more than just words Puts the listener in the speaker’s place Imagines the speaker’s viewpoint Understands the speaker’s feelings

10 9 Effective Listening Exercise

11 10 Keys to Effective Listening Awareness Adjustments

12 11 Role Play: Listening in Adversarial Situations

13 12 Discussion: Listening in Adversarial Situations Speakers respond to how others listen to them. Create a productive framework. Cast conversation in a positive light.

14 13 Listeners should always strive to create a positive present as opposed to a negative past.

15 14 Giving and Receiving Feedback

16 15 Tips on Giving Feedback 1.Be helpful 2.Find out if the recipient open to feedback. 3.Deal only with behavior that can be changed. 4.Deal with specifics, not generalities. 5.Describe behavior; do not evaluate it. 6.Describe the impact on you. 7.Use an “I” statement to accept responsibility for your own perceptions and emotions. 8.Check for understanding.

17 16 You can give caring feedback without a good technique, but the slickest technique in the world will not hide a lack of caring.

18 17 Tips on Receiving Feedback 1.Seek out feedback. 2.Listen carefully. 3.Listen actively. 4.Listen empathetically. 5.Monitor your emotions.

19 18 Consider feedback to be a gift. It truly is one. For: You

20 19 Summary Effective listening… Is a learned skill Plays a vital role in relationships and problem solving Is active and empathetic Can turn a negative situation into a positive one Is key to giving and receiving feedback

21 20 Ticket Begin to Write Your Ticket Now! Your Ticket Write Up Is Due During the Second Weekend October 5, 2014

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