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Online Ad Management & Your New Marketing Secret Weapon.

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1 Online Ad Management & Your New Marketing Secret Weapon

2 SERVICES Our team of expert online marketers are ready to plan, implement, and optimize an online marketing campaign that will get you results. As a full-service online marketing agency, we’re able to integrate multiple online marketing channels such as advertising and social media into one cohesive lead generating effort. Ad Management With millions of dollars managed annually and over 250,000 leads generated, we have online ad management on Google, Bing, Facebook and more, down to a science. Social Media We take the time to know your business & target audience, then blow your mind implementing creative strategies to engage followers & entice new ones. Website Development Our developers can create an eye-catching effective website to show potential clients why your company is their best choice. Seo We know what Google, Yahoo and Bing want to see and use that knowledge in a Google friendly way to help you steadily rise to the top of organic search results.


4 ONLINE AD MANAGEMENT The Quickest and Most Consistent Way to Reach Your Potential Clients What Are Online Ads ? Online Advertising is the paid display of a company’s branded content (text, graphics, videos, etc.). Online ads come in many forms but the primary ones are: 1. Ads within search results on Google, Bing, etc. (often the top 3 places and right hand side of the page). 2. Banner ads placed on relevant websites throughout the internet. 3. Ads within social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. 4. Video ads on Youtube.


6 CONTACT US Address :1008 Pape Ave. Suite 200, Toronto Ontario M4K 3V9 Canada Phone :(647) 350-0357 Email Website

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