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The Present Perfect Tense

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1 The Present Perfect Tense

2 S + Have/Has + past Participle
Present => some kind of link to the present time Perfect => some link to the past time

3 Recent events => recently, lately, in the last few years
There have been a lot of protests among teachers recently The economic crisis has hit almost everybody lately Technology has transformed learning methods in the last few years

4 2. Indefinite past (recent) => just, already, yet
I have come to repair my car The train has already left. Have you read this book yet? They have just had lunch: they can’t be hungry again! Where have you been? – I’ve been away for some days

5 It hasn’t stopped raining. We can’t go for a picnic!
3. Result It hasn’t stopped raining. We can’t go for a picnic! They have painted their house grey. It looks awful.

6 4. Experiences => in my life, ever, never, before, up to now, up till now, so far
Have you ever been to London? Yes, I’ve been there a few times (When did you go?)

7 5. Period of time including past and present =>today, this week, this month…
She has bought a lot of new clothes this month I have had three cups of coffee this morning You have worked hard today. Let’s have a break.

8 6. Duration of state (be, have, know, opinion, perception, feeling…) => how long, for, since
How long have you been here? We have known each other for a few years They have had that car since last December.

9 Compare… Simple past I met Susan two minutes ago
I went to London last week They got married in 2010 Present Perfect I have just met Susan I have been to London twice They have been married for two years

10 Talking about duration
Duration of state => Present perfect simple I have been here for two hours I have wanted to move to this country all my life. Duration of action => Present Perfect Continuous I have been waiting for two hours NB He hasn’t worked here for a long time, as he retired in 2001.

11 Present Perfect Continuous S + Have/has BEEN +V-ing (Gerund)
Duration of action He’s been talking for hours Result of prolonged recent activity You’re sweating! - I’ve been playing tennis. Long recent actions He’s been playing on the Playstation all afternoon. NB No continuous in negative sentences: I haven’t played tennis for three years.

12 ? Has he been working here for long?
“da molto” + He has been working here for a long time /for long ? Has he been working here for long? - He hasn’t worked here for a long time: he retired in (false duration ) He hasn’t been working here for long: He started three months ago. (False negative)

13 Personal/ Impersonal forms
Aspetto da due ore = I’ve been waiting for two hours Ha la moto nuova da due giorni = He has had a new motorbike for two days Non ci vediamo da tre mesi = We haven’t met for 3 months Sono due ore che aspetto = **** Sono due giorni che ha la moto nuova… = It’s two days since he bought his new motorbike Sono tre mesi che non ci vediamo = It’s three months since we last met

14 Compare… Italian E’ arrivato da dieci minuti E’ morto da due anni
English He arrived ten minutes ago He died two years ago

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