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The Present Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Tense

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1 The Present Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Tense

2 The present perfect progressive expresses an action that recently stopped or is still going on.
It emphasizes the duration or course of the action. Sheila has been writing for two hours. I have been living here since 2001. I have been working all afternoon The crazy man has been running for over 5 hours…

3 Now, take a look at the 2 sentences below:
He has studied German for 2 years. He has been studying German for 2 years. Are the two sentences correct? Yes! If we want to emphasize the continuity of an action, we use the present perfect continuous.

4 Exercises: 1. Mary _________ this book twice. has read has been reading 2. Mary _______ this book for 2 hours. has read has been reading 3. You _______ the house all day long. have painted have been painting

5 Write affirmative sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous:
1. we / wait / in the park / 2 hours We have been waiting in the park for 2 hours. 2. it / rain / all day It has been raining all day. 3. the Millers / in London / live / for three years The Millers have been living in London for three years. 4. you / the same song / sing / for hours You have been singing the same song for hours.

6 Write negative sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous:
1.we / not / in the mountains / walk / for so long We haven’t been walking in the mountains for so long. 2.she / not / a poem / write / for hours. She hasn’t been writing a poem for hours. 3. the children / not / on the floor / sleep The children haven’t been sleeping on the floor. 4. Chris / not / her home / decorate / 2 days Chris hasn’t been decorating her home for 2 days.

7 Write interrogative sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous:
1. she / on the phone / talk / forever Has she been talking on the phone forever? 2. Henry / in the garage / work / all morning Has Henry been working in the garage all morning? 3. how long / you / for me / wait How long have you been waiting for me? 4. how long / Boris / English / learn How long has Boris been learning English?

8 Let’s now use the S. Past, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous:
Tom ____________ that book. (read) Tom ____________ that book when he was 10. (read) Tom ______________ that book all day long. (read) Susan ___________a house last year. (buy) Susan ______________ a lot of things. (buy) Susan ______________ many things for hours. (buy) has read read has been reading bought has bought has been buying

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