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The Weather Channel Gets Social

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1 The Weather Channel Gets Social @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

2 Integrating Social in Our Marketing Plans @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

3 Our Social Media BHAG Personally interact with everyone who is discussing weather, everywhere, every time. @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

4 Guiding Principles Recognize Inform Connect Entertain @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

5 Case Study: ………… @derekvannostran@weatherchannel Challenge: Capitalize on abundance of weather-caught-on-camera content

6 Case Study: Irene @derekvannostran@weatherchannel Challenge: Cover developing severe weather story across multiple platforms

7 Case Study: Coast Guard Alaska @derekvannostran@weatherchannel Challenge: Launch a new show, when few know you have any shows

8 Case Study: Twitter Integration @derekvannostran@weatherchannel Challenge: Integrate real-time social weather conversation across platforms

9 Twitter Integration: Tweet Flow @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

10 Twitter Integration: @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

11 Twitter Integration: TWC Mobile @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

12 Twitter Integration: On-Air Insert Video Here @derekvannostran@weatherchannel

13 What’s Next? @derekvannostran@weatherchannel Social weather phase 2: Create personal connections Most Popular

14 Thank You! @derekvannostran @weatherchannel

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