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Globes and maps.

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1 Globes and maps

2 Latitude - Longitude Latitude – Imaginary lines on a map or a globe running from east to west across the world, but measuring north to south, also called parallels. Longitude – Imaginary lines on a map or globe running from north to south, but measuring east to west, also called meridians.

3 The Center of the Earth Equator – Imaginary line running through the center of the earth from east to west; 0 Degrees Latitude Prime Meridian – Imaginary line running from the North Pole to the South Pole; 0 degrees Longitude (See Map) A4 - A5 on CD ROM

4 Hemispheres The world is split into 4 hemispheres -
Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere What two hemispheres is the United States located in? China? Australia? Brazil?

5 Cardinal Directions, Legends and more
Cardinal directions - North, South, East, and West Compass Rose – Printed direction indicator on a map. Scale – Measurement tool located on map or globe. Legend (Key) – Explains the meaning of different colors or symbols used on map or globe.

6 CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD In pairs, fill in the outline map using the map in your text book. Next, draw a map of the world in the parking lot with sidewalk chalk. You may use your completed outline map. You should include the following: All continents All ocean names and locations The equator The prime meridian A compass rose

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