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How To Configure Thunderbird For Your Webspace Account.

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1 How To Configure Thunderbird For Your Webspace Account

2 Go to the site to download Click on the Download Thunderbird link as seen above.

3 Download the Thunderbird application. After this is done, click on the file to start the install process.

4 Follow the simple steps in installing Thunderbird. Choose to “Accept” and click Next.

5 Choose the Standard installation and click Next. Thunderbird will automatically install itself to your PC. After the Thunderbird has been installed, open the application.

6 As soon as you open Thunderbird, you will be asked to set up an account. Choose to Set up an Email account. Click on Next.

7 Enter your name and the email address you will be using. When you’re done, click on Next.

8 You will be asked to select POP or IMAP. Choose any of the 2 options. Under Incoming Server, enter “” (For example: Click on Next

9 On this page, you will be asked to enter your username.. Make sure it is the same email. Address you entered previously, except replace the @ sign with a + sign. For example:

10 After this, simply click on Next until the process is completed. You have now finished creating your email account on Thunderbird. Now we need to configure your Outgoing Server (SMTP) on Thunderbird. Please follow the next few simple steps.

11 To configure your Outgoing Server, click on Tools, and then Account Settings. (as seen above)

12 Under email settings, click on Outgoing Server on the side menu, and then on click on The Edit button as shown above.

13 The SMTP Page would appear. On this page, make sure your Port is 26 and make sure to put a check under “Security and Authentication”

14 After this, click on OK. And Click on OK again on the following page. Your Webspace email account is now fully configured for Thunderbird.

15 For any questions or concerns, please email us at

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