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Mozilla Thunderbird Roderick Bautista Cheryl Knott Gyeong Lee Lee Raynes Kelly Santos.

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1 Mozilla Thunderbird Roderick Bautista Cheryl Knott Gyeong Lee Lee Raynes Kelly Santos

2 Introduction Installation Configuration Secure Email Clients for UMBC WebMail Using RSS

3 Installation Free download

4 Configuring Thunderbird To get started, click on “Email Account” then click “Next”.

5 Configuring Thunderbird Enter your full name in the “Your Name” field. Then enter your e-mail address in the “Email address” field. Click “Next” to continue.

6 Configuring Thunderbird Select IMAP server configuration. Enter “”in the “Incoming server” field, then enter “” in the Outgoing server field. Click “Next” to continue.

7 Thunderbird Configuration Enter your username for each of the next text fields. Click “Next” to continue.

8 Thunderbird Configuration Enter your full e-mail address (such as “”) in the “Account Name” next field. Click “Next” to continue.

9 Thunderbird Configuration Click “Finish” to close the configuration window.

10 Thunderbird Configuration You will then be prompted for your password, and enter it in the box that appears.

11 Configuring Secure E-mail Clients for UMBC Web Mail In order to use the new security features of UMBC mail, you will need to change the settings of your e-mail client. In this case, the e-mail client is Mozilla Thunderbird. To get started, open Thunderbird. Click on “Tools” and choose “Account Settings”.

12 Secure Email Clients Click ‘Server Settings’ in the left column. Enter the Server Name and Port: Server Name: Port: 993 Make sure to check the ‘Use secure connection (SSL)’ option under Server Settings.

13 Secure Email Clients Click ‘outgoing server (SMTP) option.

14 Secure Email Clients Click “Edit” and the “STMP Server” window will open.

15 Secure Email Clients Enter Server Name and Port: Server Name: Port: 587 Check the ‘Use name and password’ option.

16 Secure Email Clients Click on the TLS option under “Use Secure Connection.” Click “OK” to leave the “STMP Server” window. Click “OK” on the “Account Settings” window to go back to the main screen for Thunderbird.

17 Using RSS What is RSS? Allows a browser or other internet application to view updated news articles or updated pages. An xml document helps to update a program on newer articles.

18 Using RSS Access the ‘File’ menu in the upper left, and access the ‘New’ and then the ‘Account’ option under that. The ‘Account Wizard’ window pops up with a title of ‘New Account Setup.’ Select the ‘RSS & News Blogs’ button and click ‘Next’

19 Using RSS The next window pops up with a title of ‘Account Name.’ Change the account name if you wish. (“News & Blogs” by default). Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the window.

20 Using RSS The next window pops up with ‘Congratulations’ for the title. Select the ‘Finish’ button at this window.

21 Using RSS The account is placed under the list on the left frame of Thunderbird. The main frame changes with a title of “Thunderbird Mail – News & Blogs. ”Click the “Manage subscriptions” link.

22 Using RSS The new window pops up with “RSS Subscriptions” title. Click the “Add” button in the lower left.

23 Using RSS Another new window, titled “Feed Properties” pops up. Open an Internet browser and access a site with RSS enabled. Typically news sites that have articles posted somewhat often will have RSS available. Ex:……… om. Open up a site, such as

24 Using RSS Note the upper left corner, next to the address is the orange icon. This means the site is RSS enabled. Also below on the page you may see the same icon or a slightly different icon, still in orange, with XML on it. Other sites will just place a regularly colored link with “RSS.” Copy the link location by right-clicking the link off the webpage. It should end with an ".xml” or “.rss”. Take this link and place it in the “Feed Properties” window.

25 Using RSS Click the ‘X’ button in the upper right corner of the ‘RSS Subscriptions’ window.

26 Using RSS Select the new subscription below the ‘News & Blogs’ section. A list of articles will appear in the upper right frame. Selecting an article will produce the webpage.

27 Using RSS This shows what a summary may look like. It will depend on what summary the website has posted; some may include more information and possibly a picture in an article summary.

28 The End Any questions?

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