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1 Conjunctions

2 Conjunctions A conjunction is
A word that connections two parts of a sentence. Three Types Coordinating Subordinating Correlative

3 Coordinating Conjunctions
Words that may join Two words together Two groups of words Always join similar types of words Noun and Noun Verb and Verb Yes or No: A conjunction can join a Noun and Verb? Tom and golfing went kayaking.

4 Coordinating Conjunctions
When using coordinating conjunctions Words must be equal or similar. EX: I like tea and coffee. Are always written between the words or groups of words they join

5 FANBOYS! For And Nor But Or Yet So

6 Subordinating Conjunctions
Shows main clause is more important than secondary clause Dependent clause turns the phrase it connects to subordinate. Unless we act now, all is lost.

7 Common Subordinating Conjunctions
after although as as if as long as as though because before even if even though if if only in order that now that once rather than since so that than that though till unless until when whenever where whereas wherever while

8 Punctuation When using Coordinating Conjunctions
Don’t use a comma between two words or clauses He ate steak and eggs for breakfast. Use a comma when connecting three or more like words or clauses. He ate steak, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast.

9 Punctuation When using Subordinating and Correlative Conjunctions
The use of a comma depends on a sentence by sentence basis. Two complete sentences do not require a comma. Tom reads comics and Jack reads novels. (INDEPENDENT) (INDEPENDENT) A complete sentence and incomplete sentence. Tom reads comics, but not novels. (INDEPENDENT) (DEPENDENT)

10 Correlative Conjunctions
Conjunctions that always travel in pairs both ... and either ... or neither ... nor whether ... or not only ... but also as ... as

11 Interjections! No one can teach you interjections the way School House Rock can!

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