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Ms. Schubert, Mrs. Kappers

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1 Ms. Schubert, Mrs. Kappers
Complex Sentences Ms. Schubert, Mrs. Kappers

2 Sentence Notes Clause: A group of words that contains a subject and a verb Phrase: A group of words that is missing either a subject or a verb

3 Parts of Sentences Independent Clause: This can stand alone as a sentence. A simple sentence (SV, SSV, SVV, SSVV) is one independent clause standing alone. The bell and alarm rang at the same time. The young girl danced and laughed at the party. Dependent Clause: This cannot stand alone as a sentence, but it has a subject and a verb. After the school bell rang, When the young girl danced,

4 Types of Sentences Compound Sentence: Two independent clauses joined together. Two ways to combine two independent clauses: Comma plus conjunction (I,cI): The bell rang, and the students rushed out. Semi-colon (I;I): The bell rang; the students rushed out. Coordinating Conjunctions (FANBOYS): For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

5 Types of Sentences Continued
Complex Sentence: One independent clause and one or more dependent clauses If the DEPENDENT clause is first, it is followed by a comma. (D,I) After the bell rang, the students rushed out. If the INDEPENDENT clause is first, it is NOT followed by a comma. (ID) The students rushed out after the bell rang.

6 Subordinating Conjunction-ALWAYS begins dependent clauses
After Because Although When Unless Who Before Whenever Wherever Until While Which Whoever As Since Even though If So that

7 Complex Sentence Practice:
I will shovel the snow myself unless you want to join me. After the fans went home, the band packed up their instruments. Until Shaina learns how to pace herself, she will not be healthy. That little sports car is perfect for me because I can afford its upkeep. Since the weather got warm, all of our snow left us.

8 Complex Sentence Practice
Finish the statement to make it a complex sentence. Because I ate breakfast, _________________ I went to school ________________________ After my mom yelled at me, ______________

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