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Activity 6: Food Chains and Food Webs. yrcY5i3s&feature=related (song) yrcY5i3s&feature=related.

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1 Activity 6: Food Chains and Food Webs

2 yrcY5i3s&feature=related (song) yrcY5i3s&feature=related

3 Producers Organisms that can use the energy in sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose (food) through photosynthesis Without producers, there would be no life on this planet Ex. Plants and Algae

4 Producers

5 Consumers Organisms that do not make their own food They eat (CONSUME) other organisms in order to live Five types of consumers: Scavengers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and decomposers Ex. Rabbits, Deer, Mushrooms

6 Consumers

7 1. Scavengers/Detritivores – feed on the tissue of dead organisms (both plans and animals) Ex. – Vultures, Crows, and Shrimp

8 2. Herbivores – eat ONLY plants Ex. – Cows, Elephants, Giraffes

9 3. Carnivores – eat ONLY meat Ex. – Lions, Tigers, Sharks

10 4. Omnivores – eat BOTH plants and animals Ex. – Bears and Humans

11 5. Decomposers – absorb any dead material and break it down into simple nutrients or fertilizers Ex. – Bacteria and Mushrooms

12 Food Chains Energy moves from one organisms to another when it is eaten: the arrow points in the direction of the energy transfer, NOT “what ate what” Each step in this transfer of energy is know as a trophic level Primary Consumers – eat producers Secondary Consumers – eat the primary consumers Tertiary Consumers – eat the secondary consumers Decomposers – bacteria and fungi that break down dead organisms and recycle the material back into the environment

13 Food Chain

14 Food Web Most organisms eat more the JUST one organism, making a web

15 Food Web

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