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Confucianism & Taoism Compare & Contrast.

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1 Confucianism & Taoism Compare & Contrast

2 Similarities Originated in China Can be considered philosophies
Founders were contemporaries Does not concern itself with the underlying causes of the universe Concerned with human behavior Became rivals Have recorded beliefs Became popular w/upper class

3 Confucianism Recorded sayings are the Analects
Founded by Confucius – a.k.a. The First Teacher Born in 551B.C. Upset by violence and moral decay of his age (era of warring states) Interest in philosophy was political and ethical

4 Confucianism - continued
Confucian view of Tao is duty (1st Key) and humanity Concept of duty is expressed in the form of a “work ethic” Ruler must set a good example

5 Confucianism - continued
Everyone should be governed by the Five Constant Relationships: Parent and child Husband & wife Older sibling to younger sibling Older friend to younger friend Ruler to subject

6 Taoism (Tao “the way of nature”
Founded by Lao Tzu Scholars aren’t sure if he really existed Record of beliefs is Tao Te Ching Believe that the true way to follow the will of heaven is not action, but inaction Became increasingly formal from the Han period on

7 Confucianism - continued
Disagreed with Taoism’s emphasis on mystery and magic Second key is humanity Sense of compassion for others Others should be tolerated

8 Taoism - continued Best way to act in harmony is to let nature take its course by not interfering with it – through humility and frugal living More associated with a religion (polytheistic) than Confucianism Emphasized nature’s mystery and magic Disagreed with Confucianism’s emphasis on political activity and learning

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