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Miss Forsythe Science Classroom Procedures 2015/2016.

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1 Miss Forsythe Science Classroom Procedures 2015/2016

2 Supplies Needed Daily for Class Binder Pens and Pencils Agenda

3 Entering the classroom Enter quietly and walk directly to your assigned seat. Once seated… – 1 st Follow instructions on smart board. – 2 nd Copy homework assignment into your agenda. – 3 rd Complete the Do-Now question for the day. (be prepared to review the Do-Now at the beginning of class)

4 Do Now Recording You MUST record: – The date (day of the week AND month/day/year) – The topic of the day – The question – The answer Do Now quizzes will occur twice every marking period

5 Pencil Sharpening Pencil sharpening can be done at the beginning of class, before the bell, using one of the four pencil sharpeners in the classroom. During class, you may only use the pencil sharpener when direct instruction is NOT being given (this means DO NOT sharpen your pencil when Miss Forsythe is teaching)

6 IF THE TEACHER RAISES HER HAND, FLASHES THE LIGHTS ON & OFF OR YOU HEAR: A bell, whistle, squeak or other loud noise… Stop whatever you are doing at that moment Face the teacher and wait silently All your attention should be given to the teacher

7 To Do and Not to Do During a Lesson To DoNot to Do -Listen with your full attention -Participate and ask questions by raising your hand and wait to be called upon -Questions should relate to our course -After a lesson, make sure you understand the concept. If not, ask questions by stating the part you didn’t understand No pencil sharpening, talking, or inappropriate moving

8 If you need to leave during class… You must sign out and back in on the binder on the front table including: – YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME – CLASS PERIOD – LOCATION Bathroom? Guidance? Main Office? Nurse? Etc. – TIME OUT AND IN You must also take and return the appropriate pass from the white board

9 ABSENT? Missed paperwork will be in your class folder, with your name on the top, in the red hanging sleeve by the door Test, project, lab, or quiz make-ups must be arranged through Miss Forsythe All work must be made up in an appropriate amount of time. Zero points will be applied to your grade for work that is not handed in

10 EXTRA COPIES You can find extra copies of weekly class documents, under the day of the week of that lesson, in in the red hanging sleeve by the door Digital copies of class documents will be available on my school wires page.

11 COLLECTION STATION When “Visit the Collection Station” appears before your daily Do-Now question, you will go to your designated crate to collect your graded work. Reminder: You need to know your STUDENT # to collect your graded work.

12 Student Center The student center is filled with supplies that you are allowed to use including: – Crayons – Markers – Colored Pencils – Hole punchers – Highlighers – Rulers – Tape – Paper

13 When your work is finished… Visit the “I’M DONE” station for independent work such as brainteasers, chemistry bits, current events, interest based research, etc.

14 OUR CLASSROOM RULES… REMEMBER R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respond appropriately Excellence only Set a good example Pay attention and participate Encourage others Come prepared Take responsibility

15 Science Lab Safety Science safety rules (from the “Fair Lawn Public Schools Lab Safety Rules” worksheet in the references section of your binder) must be followed at ALL TIMES in the science lab. Any student not following the science safety rules will face disciplinary action.

16 NOT FOLLOWING CLASSROOM RULES? 1.Redirection 2.Teacher/Student Conference and/or Writing Assignment 3.Classroom Detention and/or Writing Assignment 4.Parent/Guardian Contact 5.Referral to Administration

17 Practice Drills Fire Drill -In an orderly fashion, we will line up quietly by the classroom door. -The last person closes the door and turns off the lights. -If our emergency exit is blocked, we will use the alternate exit. Emergency Evacuation -In an orderly fashion we line up quietly by the classroom door. -The last person closes the door and turns off the lights. -Sometimes we will evacuate to Milnes School. If this is the case, attendance is taken when we arrive at Milnes and when we return back to TJ. Classroom “Lock Down” -In an quiet, organized manner move away from the windows into the “corner” of classroom -We will sit quietly away from the door/windows and wait further instruction Shelter Drill -In an quiet organized manner move into the 1st floor hallway. -We will sit quietly against the wall and wait further instruction

18 Extra Help Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school until 3:30 PM Before school upon request During lunch/recess upon request

19 DISMISSAL FROM CLASS The bell’s purpose is to tell Miss Forsythe that the period is over. The bell DOES NOT give you permission to leave the classroom, Miss Forsythe dismisses the class. Before you leave, make sure your area is clean and ready for the next students. Push in your chair quietly and have a good day.

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