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Multiplication of Common Fractions

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1 Multiplication of Common Fractions
Unit 8 Multiplication of Common Fractions

2 Basic Principles of Multiplication of Common Fractions
To multiply common fractions, multiply the numerators; then multiply the denominators If necessary, reduce the answer to the lowest terms. A common denominator is not necessary for multiplication. If a number in the numerator and a number in the denominator can both be divided by the same number, divide before multiplying.

3 Basic Principles of Multiplication of Common Fractions
To multiply mixed numbers, convert the mixed number to an improper fraction. Multiply the whole number by the denominator and add the product to the numerator. Put this sum over the original denominator. To multiply a whole number by a fraction, put the whole number over a denominator of 1.

4 Multiplication of Common Fractions
Example: Find the product: Multiply the numerators and denominators: Reduce:

5 Practical Problem A hospital administrator must decrease the staff size by 1/12 because of budget cuts. If the hospital employs 456 people, how many people must be dismissed?

6 Practical Problem Multiply:
A total of 38 staff members must be dismissed.

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