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1 Fractions

2 Adding Fractions The hardest part of adding fractions is determining what the common denominator is.

3 Common denominators Add numerator with numerator, but the denominator stays the same. Common denominators!!!

4 How to get the common denominator…
Multiply the denominator of the first fraction to the numerator and denominator of the second. Vice Versa for the second fraction.

5 Try again…

6 Practice Simplify

7 Practice Simplify

8 Converting to Improper Fractions
Steps: Find the denominator and multiply it by the whole number. Add your answer to the numerator. Simplify if necessary.

9 Try it

10 Adding Mixed Numbers Steps: Convert to an improper fraction.
Add the fractions. Convert back to mixed number. Simplify if necessary.

11 Adding Mixed Numbers

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