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Jamestown: 1607 America’s First Permanent English Settlement.

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1 Jamestown: 1607 America’s First Permanent English Settlement

2 Everyone wants a piece of N. America

3 Why the English Wanted to Colonize North America Economic system of Mercantilism made gold and silver valuable and raw materials necessary…things a colony could provide. The search for a Northwest passage (economically valuable) To spread Christianity to the Natives It was far away from Spanish colonies

4 Before Jamestown...Roanoke England Made two attempts to colonize in 1585 and 1587 on Roanoke Island close to present day North Carolina. Due to a war between England and Spain no one was able to return to Roanoke until 1591. - There wasn’t a trace of the colonists except for the word “CROATOAN” carved into the post of the fort and “CRO” carved into a nearby tree.

5 How did Jamestown get started? King James I granted a charter to a group of London businessmen who ran a joint-stock company called the Virginia Company Charter: A written contract issued by a government giving the holder the right to start a colony -Joint-stock company: a business in which investors pool their wealth in order to make a profit

6 The Journey to the New World 105 English Settlers Three Ships: Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery. Four and a half month journey! (Dec. 20, 1606- April 26, 1607 Many of the colonists were gentlemen hoping to strike it rich and had never done hard labor. John Smith was put in the brig after being accused of planning a mutiny by a gentleman who disliked him. He was later acquitted.

7 How did they decide where they would live? They picked a low lying island on the Chesapeake Bay up the James River because: A.They could protect (hide) themselves from Spanish attack B.There weren’t any Indian villages too close C.The water was deep enough for large ships to anchor there (trade/supplies)

8 Problems =Death The island they chose was swampy which means: A. There were disease carrying mosquitos B. The water was stagnant and carried diseases C. Natives began to aggressively attach the fort D. Gentlemen refused to work, because they wanted to look for gold.

9 John Smith to the Rescue John Smith repairs the relationship with Native Americans… John Smith is elected president of the colony and institutes a new rule “he that will not work, shall not eat.” Life is peaceful because the Natives respect John Smith and there is enough food for everyone.

10 Good to Bad John Smith is hurt and has to return to England…. George Percy, the new governor, angers the natives. They decide to kill any colonist that leaves the fort…people begin to be murdered or starve in large numbers

11 The Starving Time The winter of 1609-1610 Colonists became so hungry they ate leather, rats, cats and dogs Colonists then began to dig up graves and eat dead people. A husband even killed his own wife and ate her All but 60 of 400+ colonists died

12 New Hope In the spring of 1610 four more ships arrived with many colonists, supplies and a new leader…Lord De La Warr (AKA Delaware) John Rolfe was also among the new colonists However, relations were still rocky with Chief Powhattan as he had recently captured some Jamestown colonists

13 A Perfect Plan Pocahontas was kidnapped and used as a ransom for colonists that Powhatan held prisoner Unexpectedly, Pocahontas and John Rolfe hit it off and ultimately they were married. Pocahontas converted to Christianity and changed her name to Rebecca.

14 A Bittersweet Ending Pocahontas helped John Rolfe perfect the planting and harvesting of tobacco Jamestown began to turn a profit and England officially had a foothold in the New World

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