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We’re Coming to America! The settling of Jamestown.

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1 We’re Coming to America! The settling of Jamestown

2 Before Jamestown there was Roanoke In 1585, the English started a colony named Roanoke (Island off current day North Carolina). Colony ends mysteriously??????

3 Before Jamestown there was Roanoke The colony completely vanishes. Only thing found was the word “CROATOA” carved on a nearby tree.

4 Settling of Jamestown Founded in 1607 along the James River next to Chesapeake Bay Jamestown (its in Virginia) Texas is this way, Y’all

5 Settling Jamestown Funded by the Virginia Company of London  This is a joint stock company which is a business where people put their money all to together in order to turn profit (make money.) The colony is named after King James I of England

6 Hardships faced by the Settlers Disease Laziness Indians Weather

7 Hardships faced by the Settlers

8 John Smith to the Rescue Became the leader of Jamestown in 1608 Announced “He that will not work shall not eat.” Made friends with the Powhatan Indian tribe and Chief Powhatan Built a fort around Jamestown to protect from unfriendly Indians.

9 Tobacco Changes Jamestown In 1612, John Rolfe developed a type of tobacco that could grow in Jamestown Colony made money by selling tobacco to England The Virginia Company allowed settlers to own land.

10 Tobacco Changes Jamestown Indentured servants (people who sold their labor in exchange for passage to America) moved to America English brought African slaves to work on tobacco plantations

11 Conflicts with the Powhatans At first, Powhatan traded food with colonists 1622 Powhatan Indians killed hundreds of Jamestown residents for taking their land. John Rolfe marries Chief Powhatan’s daughter Pocahontas (daughter of Chief Powhatan and peacemaker between Indians and colonists)

12 House of Burgesses Colonists angry with the strict rule of the Virginia Co. of London. First representative assembly in the American colonies Elected representatives would provide control and resolve issues in Virginia. Representatives meet once a year in an assembly

13 Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676 Nathaniel Bacon was an upset citizen of Jamestown. Two reasons Nathaniel Bacon and followers were angry at Governor Berkley: 1. His failure to protect Jamestown from Indian attacks 2. Governor liked the wealthy, high taxes, and low tobacco prices.

14 Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676 (continued…) Bacon and his followers took control of the House of Burgesses and burned Jamestown to the ground Governor Berkley hung Bacon’s followers and Berkley was sent back to England After the Rebellion, the House of Burgesses passed a law preventing a royal governor from assuming so much power.

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