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What is a computer? Computer is a device for processing information.

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1 What is a computer? Computer is a device for processing information.

2 What is a computer system?

3 Computer system is a combination of four elements:
Hardware Software Procedures Data / Information

4 What is a computer used for?

5 Computer is used: to convert data into information
to store information in the digital form.

6 What is software?

7 Software includes the programmes that tell the hardware how to perform a task.

8 What is hardware?

9 Hardware includes the devices composing a computer system.

10 What categories is computer hardware divided into?

11 Computer hardware is divided into four categories:
Input hardware. Processing hardware. Storage hardware. Output hardware.

12 What does input hardware do? What are input devices?
Input hardware collects data and converts them into a form suitable for computer processing. Input devices are a keyboard, a mouse, a video camera, a scanner, a microphone.

13 What does processing hardware do
What does processing hardware do? What are the most common components of processing hardware? Processing hardware directs the execution of software instructions in the computer. The components of processing hardware are a central processing unit and main memory.

14 What is the purpose of storage hardware
What is the purpose of storage hardware? What are the ways of storing data? The purpose of storage hardware is to store computer instructions and data and retrieve them. The most common ways of storing data are a Hard disk, a floppy disk, a CD, a DVD.

15 What does output hardware do? What are output devices?
Output hardware provides the user with the means to view information produced by the computer system. Output devices are a monitor, a printer, speakers.

16 What is extra? • input hardware, processing hardware, storage hardware, output hardware, execution hardware; • a keyboard, a mouse, hard disk, a scanner; • a monitor, a printer, a microphone, speakers; • a Hard disk, a CPU, a floppy disk, a DVD

17 b) What will you buy? You need • a device for producing paper copies of data • to input your speech or singing into the computer • to store programmes and larger amounts of data • to input a picture or a photo into the computer • to communicate with the other computers and transfer data from one computer system to another

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