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Computer Components.

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1 Computer Components

2 What is a Computer A electronic device, operating under the control of instructions (Operating Systems and Application software) Can accept data Process the data Produce Results ?

3 Operating System Software
Set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices Windows 7 Vista XP

4 Data vs. Information Data – unprocessed items
“Stuff” you enter into computer Information – Processed data The processed data that is useful to you Information Data

5 Computer Components Input Devices Output Devices System Unit
Storage Devices

6 Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Microphone Scanner Digital Camera

7 Output Devices Printer Monitor Speakers IPod

8 System Unit Processor CPU (Central Processing Unit) Memory
Contains the electronic components of the computer CPU (Central Processing Unit) Interprets and carries out the basic instructions Memory Stores instructions waiting to be executed and data needed by those instructions

9 Storage Devices USB Flash drive External Hard disk Hard Disk Drive CD

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